Daughter Anastasia Melnicoe asked my mother to postpone the marriage

Дочь Анастасии Мельникой попросила маму отложить замужество The actress spoke about the reasons for his loneliness. Despite the fact that Anastasia Melnikova brings up his heir one, she is in no hurry to tie the knot. The artist believes that should be happy not only she, but her daughter.

      Дочь Анастасии Мельникой попросила маму отложить замужество

      46-year-old honored artist and member of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Anastasiya Melnikova is raising 13-year-old daughter Maria did not hurry with the second marriage. Fans of the actress wondering, say, what is the reason that the beautiful and talented Anastasia has not yet found a life partner.

      In the broadcast of “mirror for a hero” NTV Melnikov told about the reasons of their loneliness. As it turned out, it is the star rather forced, but this is not a burden. Anastasia’s important to not only her personal life but also his daughter’s happiness. Maria asked her famous mother to hold off a new marriage since the girl would be difficult to accept your new father. The reason lies in the complex age of the successor Melnikova.

      Дочь Анастасии Мельникой попросила маму отложить замужество

      “Not that I think no man in the world worthy of me. Just today it so happened that my daughter transition to adulthood. Masha asked me to wait a little bit. That’s when she was little, she was willing to accept the person I will love. And I understand that giving birth to a child not for ourselves, but to him it was okay, I have to wait. We have a clear understanding that to 18 I belong to it”, — said Melnikov journalists on the question of why she is in no hurry to tie the knot.

      According to the actress, her decision is quite reasonable. Melnikov said that is unlikely to be happy if her child is experiencing other emotions. The actress calls it the “issue price”.

      Recall that Anastasia Melnikova was married to the film producer Vyacheslavom Telnova from 1990 to 1998, In 2002 the actress gave birth to daughter Mary. About the father of a child star prefers not to tell. We only know that he broke up with Anastasia when she was in her fifth month of pregnancy.

      Melnikov very glad to birth of the heiress, and refers to her as a gift. The actress says that Mary is a smart student in school, takes extra English lessons and dancing, as well as tennis, horse riding and swimming. Melnikov does not force his daughter to sign up in different circles — the girl does it herself, because by nature she is very active and inquisitive.

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