Tatiana Navka gave a family vacation in Sochi

Татьяна Навка устроила семейный отдых в Сочи The Olympic champion went there, despite the weather. The fact is that now in Sochi the rain. But it does not bother Tatiana Navka and her “favorite girls” — mom and two daughters. They are having a good time in between the working life.

      Татьяна Навка устроила семейный отдых в Сочи

      Figure skater and TV presenter Tatyana Navka decided on the second may holidays to go to have a rest in Sochi. The company Tatiana made her mother Raisa A., and two daughters — 16-year-old Alexander Zhulin, who recently celebrated a birthday, and a year-old baby Hope. Starry family is not scared even not very pleasant holiday weather. According to forecasts, is now in Sochi, about 13-15 degrees, and raining.

      Tatiana Navka no longer hide the youngest daughter

      “Flew to Sochi, despite the fact that he is now very rainy!”, — posted by Tatiana Navka in his microblog before the long awaited holiday journey. Subscribers wished the athlete good luck, have a good flight and soft landing, and told that soon in Sochi will be beautiful Sunny days.

      Татьяна Навка устроила семейный отдых в Сочи

      On arrival in the resort town athlete and her family did not despair of the weather, and began to relax in the local establishments in comfortable clothes. Joint photo with mom and heiresses Tatiana signed: “My favorite girls, always next to me!”. “Beauty”, “Lovely woman, your mother”, “Tempting. I love Sochi”, “Pleasant stay”, — commented on the publication of the grooves those who follow her “Instagram”.

      Татьяна Навка устроила семейный отдых в Сочи

      In addition, the Olympic champion in figure skating have shown that at rest and maintains excellent shape. She performed the climb on the ladder in the pool, than do not hesitate to share with his fans. The sporting achievements Navka added the hashtag “Rest well” and “Without a net”. Subscribers Tatiana were thrilled by writing the following words: “Tanya, you lovely”, “graceful and elegant”, “Our champion”, “Incredible”, “Gorgeous”, “Beautiful”, “Tanya, have a rest and gain strength”. Your emotions about the photos of Navka also expressed Yana Rudkovskaya. “Mere mortals can’t do that,” commented the presenter and producer.

      Татьяна Навка устроила семейный отдых в Сочи

      Recall that in early may, the eldest daughter Tatiana Navka celebrated its 16th anniversary. Star mom began to congratulate her in the morning, arranging her pleasant surprise. According to Tatiana, the heir became an adult very quickly. “The time flew by like a moment,” wrote Tatiana in his microblog. By the way, this year Alexander graduated from high school. To the coveted finish the girl left quite a bit of time ahead of the exams and, of course, prom. By the way, Alexander already started to do first steps in the world of show business. She writes songs under the name “Alexis”.

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