Declared the winner of the show “the Voice. Children”

Объявлен победитель шоу «Голос. Дети» Audience vote selected the best young singer of the country. Them was a 14-year-old boy from Adler, a disabled child, Daniel Pluzhnikov.

      Объявлен победитель шоу «Голос. Дети»

      The whole country with bated breath for several weeks watching the struggle of the contestants in the popular musical show on the first channel “Voice. Children”. Just live became known the winner of the third season of the program.

      First place in the show took Daniel Pluzhnikov. In the final speech, the boy sang the song of Valeriy Kipelov “I’m free”. Mentee Dima Bilan has caused a flurry of applause among the spectators and the admiration of the jury. A child with 9 years of experience in music: the boy takes voice lessons, plays the synthesizer and sings in Sochi the vocal group “Elegia”.

      The mother of the party “Voice. Children of Daniel Pluzhnikov: “Dima Bilan with his son not Lisp”

      We will remind, this year the project “Voice. The children began to change. Left the show Max Fadeev, whose team won the first two shows of the season, namely: in the first Alice won Kazhikina in the second — Sabina Mustaeva. The producer explained his decision to “personal reasons”. The vacant chair was occupied by Leonid Agutin, who reunited after “adult “Voices” with Pelageya and Dima Bilan.

      The finalists of this year there were nine participants in the project. From the team of Dima Bilan’s Yaroslav Degtyarev, Daniel Pluzhnikov, Maria panyukova, from Pelageya – Azer Nasibov, Taisiya Podgorny, Vsevolod Rudakov, and under the leadership of Leonid Agutin competed Ryan Aslanbekova, Eva timush and Marsel Sabirov .

      The nine finalists of the three teams came up on stage to compete for the title of winner. Best viewers called in the course of telephone and sms voting, and the funds collected the First channel and have joined the campaign partners listed Fund “Volunteers in aid to children-orphans”.

      “We have a shelter for mothers with children “Warm house”, the building which we lease. We would like to build your own shelter and help even more women who find themselves in difficult life situations. And, of course, make serious changes at the state level, concerning the procedure of confiscation of children, assist the family and decision about the fate of the child”, – said the head of the Foundation Elena Alshanskaya.

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