Alena Sviridova is preparing a dowry for her granddaughter

Алена Свиридова готовит приданое для внучки The famous singer wants to be a grandmother. Alena Sviridova reflects on this new role. For example, she collects jewelry that will go by inheritance to her granddaughter. Star ready to babysit and pamper future heirs.

      Алена Свиридова готовит приданое для внучки

      A well-known singer Alena Sviridova had dreams of becoming a grandmother. 53-year-old singer had a successful career, she has fame, money, personal life is also doing well. The only thing missing from the star’s grandchildren.

      Alena’s youngest son Gregory, who in January was 12 years old, far from thinking about marriage and procreation, so it is too early yet to count. But the elder Basil for 32 years. Alena sees him rarely, because he is an adult, held a man who lives alone. In his case, the offspring may be in the offing. And therefore the future grandma is already preparing a dowry for the grandchildren.

      “You want a girl,” admits Alena. – Want someone from the children honored someday I begat the girl. I have a bunch of all sorts of beautiful jewelry there. And I never tied the bows, and wore dresses. So, if that happens, I will be very happy”.

      Of course, having brought up two sons, Sviridova want to feel what it’s like to be a grandmother to a wonderful girl. Most likely, Alan will perfectly cope with this role, because she for many she is a model of femininity and refinement. But if the baby found a good vocal, then under the leadership of the famous grandma she will have every chance to become a star.

      Despite his interest in expanding family, Alena did not may affect my son. Apparently, Basil is in no hurry to become a father. The young man focused on my career and not thinking about posterity.

      “Even from washi to wait until you have. The girl he has, but they all then lay on it, so I think the next ten years I can have their business”, says Sviridov in an interview with “Interlocutor”.

      We will remind, Vasily was the son of the singer from his first marriage with Sergei Sviridov. Young man for many years living in Canada, where his father. Basil works as a programmer in one of the companies. The second child Sviridova – Grigory Miroshnichenko, which the artist gave birth to the civil husband Dmitry Miroshnichenko, who was younger than the singer for twenty years.

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