The soloist of group “Roots” will become the father of many children

Солист группы «Корни» станет многодетным отцом Alexander Berdnikov happy that his family is coming replenishment. The soloist of group “Roots” has a daughter Milan and son Marcel. The name of the unborn child the couple has not yet announced.

      Солист группы «Корни» станет многодетным отцом

      Alexander Berdnikov will soon become a dad for the third time. The soloist of group “Roots” happy that this long awaited event will happen soon. Stars wife Olga is waiting for replenishment this summer. The sex of the baby, the parents decided not to find out. Versions of his name also has not yet been voiced. It is possible that it will be somehow related to geography. Because the names of the older couple gave very unusual – daughter’s name is Milan, and son – Marcel.

      We will remind, the middle son of the artist came to light in early 2012. The baby was born weighing 3470 grams and height of 50 cm Olga was taken to the hospital for a few days before delivery, and everything went without complications. Happy Alexander in due time took his wife and son home.

      In addition, Berdnikova grows the eldest daughter of Milan, whom everyone called a copy of my father. After her birth, Alexander’s wife said that is not going to stop there, and want two more children. It turns out that a few months a spouses plan will be executed.

      By the way, the birth of Alexander Milana celebrated in one of the capital’s most prestigious restaurants, so it’s possible that in the summer he will gather friends to celebrate the birth of a long awaited third child.

      It is worth noting that Berdnikova a real Gypsy family, because his wife Olga also belongs to the nationality. The actor proposed to his sweetheart right after we met. He believes that if there is a love at first sight – pull is not worth it.

      “Not specifically searched for, though my mom always advised me to look at the girls especially our nationality. Olga and I met “on a tip” friends-Gypsy… I agree that the “priority interest” to the girls of their culture, upbringing, traditions have their common sense. Although, if I truly fell in love, for example, a black woman, would marry and over the moor. Just before meeting with Olga never thought about marriage. He lived quietly, engaged in their favorite thing — acted on stage, went on tour. Sometimes, of course, met with the girls, but no one I have not got a little bit serious or at least just long relationship. And when at the age of 27 he met Olga, immediately thought: “Now she will be my wife.” And the fact that she is a Gypsy, the better, more interesting”, – said Alexander in an interview with “7 days”.

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