Dayneko and Antipenko were in a tangled story

Дайнеко и Антипенко попали в запутанную историю
The actor admitted that he was an adventurer.

Дайнеко и Антипенко попали в запутанную историю

Victoria Dayneko

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Vika Daineko and Gregory Antipenko two fell in a tangled history. They had just put on the headphones. Two stars voiced the main characters in the animated movie
“Rapunzel: a Tangled story” on an incredible adventure
charming Princess.

“I can’t even remember
at which point I started to love cartoons Disney, said after the voice of Vika Dayneko. — I think all these charming characters — the fawn Bambi
Simba, Ariel, Snow white and the seven dwarfs, the Aristocats was with me all
life. I remember as a kid watching cartoon
“The little mermaid” and thought that it would be great someday to duplicate
character. The opportunity to voice Rapunzel is a part of my childhood dream!”

Grigory Antipenko

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

And Gregory Antipenko gave his voice an enterprising thief and truly
handsome Flynn Ryder: “He is wonderful in all respects, and to
his appearance is beyond reproach. Flynn absolute
adventurer, and everywhere: and about women, and about the surrounding world.
I also am an adventurer at
nature, so your character is well understood. If “run” on my
history, it becomes clear that Flynn we are somewhat similar. Sometimes
“thibodeau” some things that other people don’t understand. It’s probably
this state of soul”.

“Rapunzel: a Tangled tale” with the voices of Russian stars will be seen on 22 October on the Disney Channel.