Yulianna Karaulova injured ribs in “Ice age”

Юлианна Караулова получила травму ребра на «Ледниковом периоде»
The singer, contrary to recommendations of doctors, continues to participate in the project.

Maxim Trankov and Yulianna Karaulova

Photo: personal archive

Bruises, abrasions, broken knees and bruises when you fall
a usual thing for those who decided to participate in the project “Ice age”. With
By Yulianna Karaulova it happened during a rehearsal complex support
Maxim Trankovym. After the execution of the trick the singer was diagnosed with a crack

“I’m a girl easy and, as recently revealed, quite
fragile. I came across a fantastic partner, whose professionalism is almost
saved me from standard injuries. During the preparation of the new rooms I made
bad run on the complex support, and to protect me from the inevitable
fall, Maxim got to grab me. We successfully finished
rehearsal, and by evening I felt a strong pain in my side. I had to go
medical care and after x-rays revealed that I have a cracked rib.
It is certainly not a fracture, but those who experienced this, know that even
a deep breath brings pain,” he told Julianna.

Despite doctors ‘ recommendations to suspend classes
the singer did not refuse neither from the project nor from the rehearsals.

“We just changed the room to move my weight
with the support of the other side. He is very caring partner, and if and before he rushed me like
crystal vase, but now he rushes me like antique crystal
vase” jokes Julianna.

The first of November the Karaulova first scheduled solo
the concert, which the singer is also very carefully and painstakingly prepared between

“The schedule I have now is crazy, but I’m not complaining. I fly
on stage and upset that Moscow traffic jams are not allow to fly through the city and
moving is terribly time consuming. My colleagues were really scared about the crack in the rib,
after the concert I will also have a lot of active moving. Some even
began to put the question bluntly, in the truest sense of the word: or ice, or a concert!
But I definitely said both! Just think, a rib. Cher. They say, generally
no two edges sings and acts, and nothing” continues to joke Karaulov.