VIDEO: Fedor Bondarchuk became a baby

ВИДЕО: Федор Бондарчук стал младенцем
The actor voiced the baby in the new animated Comedy.

In March next year in the Russian rolling out
another hit from the Studio “DreamWorks, is Indeed” the movie company “the Twentieth Century
Fox” is a family animated Comedy “Boss-whipper”. The main character, kid
with leadership abilities, who sees all the business, announced Fyodor Bondarchuk.

“Boss-cub” — not the first experience of a novel in
the dubbing of animated films. He already gave his voice to the heroes of the movies “Season
hunting”, “Three heroes on distant shores” and “Sawa. A warrior’s heart”.

“This baby is so harsh, but it is very stylish and
comic — PADELIA experiences Fedor. — I tried eHarmony
to convey through the voice of his character, habits and mood.”

In the American version
this character speaks in the voice of Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin. Director
the animated Comedy was the Creator of a famous entertainment franchise
Madagascar Tom McGrath. This very funny film tells the story of
relevant everywhere and always – the story of how family life changes
the advent of the baby. The whole story is told from the face if not the
trustworthy, but charming seven year old dreamer Tim.

Whipper – character Fedora

Photo: Agency Movie Mover