Дочь Веры Брежневой атакуют злоумышленники
Sonia Kiperman turned to him with the pages of his personal blog.

Sonia Kiperman

Photo: Instagram

16-year-old daughter Vera Brezhneva Sonia Kiperman, in recent times it has become very popular on the Internet. In a personal blog of a girl for almost a hundred thousand subscribers! This means that her social network is a lure for criminals, which regularly lead to popular blogs from their owners.

So, the loudest the same thing happened with Olga Buzova. The girl two days could not log into my own blog, from which disappeared all her photos (a TV presenter publishes 3-4 photos a day!) and the subscribers. The star of “House-2” was very upset, because Instagram is almost half of her life. Through the blog she communicates with her subscribers, of which just this week was exactly 5 million!

Instagram also recently “took away” the ex-host of the show “eagle&Tails” on the channel “Friday” Andrey Bednyakov. But in his case the attackers went on. Not just stole the page and deleted the photos, but also came up with the blog a new name and began to publish humorous pictures. By the way, and Buzova, and Bednyakova managed to regain their “diaries”.

As for Sony Kiperman, she genuinely perplexed than so interested in scams her page, and she turned to him in a public message to social networks.

“My favorite! Don’t try to hack my Instagram! the girl wrote. — Today I have more than fifteen messages on my mail that I applied for a password change. Believe me, nothing interesting or special about my account, you will not find, so please, stop trying!”

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