Бен Аффлек сделал роскошный подарок Дженнифер Гарнер
The actor wants to re-exchange wedding vows with his wife.

Бен Аффлек сделал роскошный подарок Дженнифер Гарнер

Jennifer garner and Ben Affleck

Reconciliation Ben Affleck and Jennifer garner, who temporarily
stopped my divorce, I moved to a new level. The actor’s wife did
luxury gift — a diamond the size 11 carats! According to the National Enquirer, awarded a platinum necklace,
in which was inserted a rather big precious stone, was dedicated to
the approaching anniversary of the family life of Ben and Jennifer. The most touching in
this story is that the size of the diamond was not chosen by chance. Ben thought,
his wife deserves one for each karatu lived with him together for a year starting
since June 2005, when he held a secret wedding of Affleck and garner. Moreover,
the actor hopes to be able eventually to persuade Jennifer to “rearrange” when
help jewelers diamond ring and re-share with his wife wedding

It is likely that such an expensive gift Ben wanted to give
to feel the mother of his children how much he appreciates her, but also to thank for their patience and understanding. Even after erupted the past
summer of scandal with cheating Affleck, Jennifer acted in more. than worthy. It
tried to conflict between parents does not impact on the three of them
children. Garner not only did not limit the communication with Ben Samuel, Serafini and violet, but also
Affleck was allowed to stay in their home. They spent new year together and
holidays, and Valentine’s day and even Easter. But recently, Jennifer,
taking with the kids, moved to London, where Ben is being shot now.

By the way, recently, the Network appeared information about the fact that now garner once again is in an interesting position. But so far none of the representatives of this couple
information is not confirmed, but nor denied.

Jennifer garner and Ben Affleck with children

Photo: Splash News/East news

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