The star of “the Sweet life” suffered for the cheating husband

Звезда «Сладкой жизни» пострадала за измену мужу
Olga Medynich almost hurt during love games in the car.

Звезда «Сладкой жизни» пострадала за измену мужу

Olga and Roman Medynich Makin

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The girl playing Sophia in the TV series “Sweet life” Olga Medynich suffered greatly during shooting intimate scenes. In the story of her married heroine is still inferior to pressure her married neighbor Vadik, played by actor Roman Makin. A sudden attack of passion overtakes Sofia and Vadik in the car, which was not the most comfortable place for the love of merrymaking.

The Director wanted to make it all happened in some kind of luxury car, after all, Sophia, after all, a wife of gold miner, included in the 100 richest people in the country in the industry! For the filming of a scene the prop guys found a car — BMW GT5. Despite the fact that the car did not produce the impression of a small, but still it is designed for travel and not for what there have been the heroes of “the Sweet life”.

Olga Medynich and deceived by her “husband” Alexander Robak

Photo: Instagram

“The scene we shot only the fifth take,” says Medynich. — And because the passion between Sophia and the Kremlin was sudden, and the process on the idea had to be rapid and robust. Therefore, all five takes of my feet were extremely uncomfortable beating on the dashboard of the car. It was painful, but in the meantime I was supposed to be fun… In the end, by the evening my legs was impossible to watch, they were covered with terrible bruises and abrasions. In the future make-up artists spent an incredible amount of makeup to cover up the traces of our passion!”

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