Daughter Spartaka Mishulina told about the fight over the estate alleged brother

Дочь Спартака Мишулина рассказала о борьбе за наследство с предполагаемым братом The actress reported on the preparation for the trial. Daughter Spartaka Mishulina Karina is trying to protect the good name of his father. She wants to Timur Yeremeyev stopped calling himself the son of the famous artist.
Дочь Спартака Мишулина рассказала о борьбе за наследство с предполагаемым братом

Not long ago, the daughter of the famous actor Spartaka Mishulina Karina appeared in the Studio program “Let them talk”, to talk about the intention to sue and to defend the honor and dignity of the father. As it turned out, the young man Timur Eremeev calls himself the illegitimate son of a famous artist – he gives an interview in which he shares memories of him. Karina was shocked by such statements all over the country. The illegitimate son of Spartaka Mishulina was found with the alleged sister

Some have suggested that Eremeev wants to get part of the inheritance Mishulina. However, Karina stressed that he makes no demands.

“Those who think that we are afraid for their inheritance, will respond – we had it all recorded on the mother. Even if he wanted to claim the inheritance, then it would not have happened. Yes, we are not oligarchs: we have no palaces and ranches in Mexico. Our family has the usual two-bedroom apartment in Moscow and a dacha in the Moscow region”, – said the actor’s daughter.

Now Karina Mishulina with attorney Maya Sandler prepares for court. They intend to expose the head to stop the flow of groundless, in their view, charges. Artist and lawyer prepared a claim on two counts – public insult and slander in the media.

Karina has been such an emotional behavior during the filming of the program “Let them talk”. Many have condemned the actress for her unwillingness to listen to the opponent. During the transfer of Mishulin been proposed to undergo genetic examination, which could put an end to this case, but she refused, expressing mistrust of the lab. The alleged son of Spartaka Mishulina got the results of the DNA test

“We also hope that the court will order DNA testing, the results of which will be further proof of this obvious history. I don’t understand why everyone is convinced that we run from DNA?! We are going to do it, he repeated it on “Let them talk” many times. But in court, not on talk shows! Eremeeva took the biomaterial by the rules and not by law. How can I be sure of its authenticity? Whether Eremeev to make DNA, which will appoint the court – that is the question”, – says Karina.

Mishulina admitted in an interview with “TV guide” that she had a nervous breakdown because, in her words, she was trying to convey the truth, and didn’t hear her. Karina also said that after the program aired, the family received threats in social networks and by phone.