Elena Ksenofontova and other artists save a cancer patient the star of the musicals

Елена Ксенофонтова и другие артисты спасают онкобольную звезду мюзиклов Olga Musekenova had several operations. Now she is undergoing chemotherapy, and friends are actively raising funds for her treatment. The actress was diagnosed with cancer this spring.
Елена Ксенофонтова и другие артисты спасают онкобольную звезду мюзиклов

The singer and the actress Olga Musekenova put a disappointing diagnosis earlier this year. The doctors diagnosed women with uterine cancer first stage and the ovaries. She had undergone several serious operations, ahead of its expected courses of chemotherapy and follow-up. Despite the ailment, the artist continues to struggle and to share with fans the latest news on the state of health.

Елена Ксенофонтова и другие артисты спасают онкобольную звезду мюзиклов“For the entire survey period the tumor has not stopped growing, and by the time they reached 23 and 27 centimeters in volume. Diagnosis: cancer of uterus 1 stage 3 and ovarian cancer. How was surgery, recovery and chemo, I will write in subsequent posts. Despite my situation, I believe that Oncology is not a sentence, on the contrary, this is a great chance to play another classy role, “cannot change the situation, change your attitude to it.” Think of illness not as a disaster, the verdict and unhappiness, and the ability to realize themselves, develop their creative potential. And finally, to do what previously did not reach the hands. For example, I started to paint, to write music, but we’ll discuss this later”, – said Olga in one of the social networks.

The girl was supported by colleagues of cinema, theater and music. Actress Elena Ksenofontova published a post on Instagram with a request to help Olga.

“The trouble. My colleagues, Oli Musekenova, talented actress and singer, discovered the cancer at a late stage, conducted a serious operation, is now in the process of several courses of chemotherapy! Olya is a hero and a fighter, she is the embodiment of life and to surrender to no plans! So! October 23 to host the concert, which will be attended by famous Russian artists! Proceeds from ticket sales will go towards the treatment and rehabilitation for Olga! All the information found on the pages of the Oli!” – said Elena.

All proceeds from the charity concert will go towards the treatment of Olga. Other stars also tweet the posts with words of encouragement to the actress. For example, artist musicals Dmitry Ermak earlier also reported about the illness of a girl on Instagram and asked fans to help her.

“My dear friends, viewers, subscribers. I rarely go with such requests. My colleagues, the Actresses in the musical “the little Mermaid”, the performer of the role of Ursula Oli Musekenova bad disease. The surgery went. All believe that all will be well. But the material needed! Ahead of chemotherapy! Transferring at least 100 rubles-we’ll help! Thank you,” said Dmitry.

Musekenova talks about his status on the social network page. The artist endures the treatment.

“Regular chemistry. Today, five hours will pour. Perceive and represent the chemistry of vitamins. Without a positive anywhere, all patients say that. Slowly on the mend go! Your prayers,” said the actress in the last message, which was published at himself on the page.