15 years after the tragedy: what happened to the youngest of the hostages “Nord-OST”

15 лет после трагедии: как сложились судьбы самых юных заложников «Норд-Оста» Many people still going to this day at the memorial near the Theatre center on Dubrovka. According to official data, in 2002 killed 130 people. “StarHit” talked with those who will never forget that fateful day.
15 лет после трагедии: как сложились судьбы самых юных заложников «Норд-Оста»

It’s been 15 years since the day when TV stations around the world have seen the horrific footage from the auditorium at Dubrovka. Like all previous years, this tragic date at the memorial near the Theatre center will gather those who are lost in this terrible attack loved ones. Among them are those who miraculously survived.

15 лет после трагедии: как сложились судьбы самых юных заложников «Норд-Оста»

Born in the shirt

When the tragedy occurred, Maksim Bushuyev was 12. Because of stressful experiences he remembers her vaguely, only separate fragments. When the terrorists released the last group of children, a boy bravely shouted: “I too will go with them!” Fortune smiled on him, the guys brought Joseph Kobzon. In a few minutes the little Maxim, crying, have already embraced the Pope: “You’re alive!” But fate had not left the family Bushevik alone, and prepare them to new challenges.

“A year after the attack I was hit by a “GAZelle”, – told the “StarHit” Maxim. – I was in a coma for three days, but survived. Someone else in my place would decide, say, doom. But I believe these events had no impact on my future path. I have a beautiful wife, two wonderful sons. Teach at a driving school in Vykhino. Many people like the way I run classes, so work in several places. And in his spare time working on websites. I don’t exist just for today, try to think ahead. But how else? The economic situation in our country heavy”.

Not to forget

15 лет после трагедии: как сложились судьбы самых юных заложников «Норд-Оста»

The tragedy at Dubrovka lost a younger sister Elena Hudiakova, Nina. After the incident, 12-year-old girl learned to appreciate every moment.
“Broken nail, machine heel – the little things… says “StarHit” Lena. – Try to convey to everyone: you can’t let misery take over you. To get rid of them, if you start to work on yourself. I have not touched teenage years when parents are the enemy and to blame. On the contrary, mom and dad for me – the best people on earth! I was lucky, because me and a few of the children were released after a couple of hours after capture. I have not been in the hall three days, but I think I would have coped. You need to always be strong. Sister has not come back, however, the “Nord-OST” should remain in our memory, despite the fear!”

A taboo subject

15 лет после трагедии: как сложились судьбы самых юных заложников «Норд-Оста»

After the “Nord-OST” 14-year-old Nastya Il’ina suffered from phobias. She still feels uncomfortable in theatres, concert halls, and even in the cinema. To overcome fear, she even decided to leave metropolis. “Now I live in Sochi – says “StarHit” Nastya. Here all each other know, and that warm feeling inside, like you’re protected from strangers. I have a loving husband, to whom I gave the charming boy. Spouse knows about the tragedy, trying not to touch this topic. Did not understand how to find the words. That same day my friend wanted to pretend to be foreign to the terrorists we released, but they asked for a passport. The plan has failed. We didn’t eat for three days, water was given to us rarely go to the toilet in the orchestra pit.

One of the bombers was radio. We heard the news and prayed for us to quickly come up with a plan of salvation and was not shot. Remember how he gassed, and then everything in the fog. Woke up in the hospital c the connected respirator. Doctors injected medications and long to talk with us was not allowed to sleep. Afraid that we will not open our eyes… Yes, this date – the worst in my life, but I don’t get hung up on it. All my attention is now focused on a son, I want to protect him from harm”.

For each other

“I’m too young to die!” – whispered 8-year-old Masha Gan mother when the terrorists announced that they are now hostages. 6-year-old Nikita snuggled closer to her sister. The boy waited for the stage will be a hero, but instead, he went armed men… Today, the family gang reminisces about the “Nord-OST”, only when you receive a summons from the court.

“Invited to speak as witnesses, – says Maria. But I think that will handle it. At the age of 16 I had a panic attack. Went with friends to the theatre, sat on the balcony, and suddenly it seemed like at Dubrovka: place a row… I panicked, thrashed, and began to cry. Thank God, then this does not happen again”.

In the future, Masha and Nikita dream to start families, but still focused on work. “Sister teaches the kids English, – says Nikita. In five years, sees himself as an experienced teacher, she loves kids. I engaged in mining and processing stones. Recently returned from a trip to Eastern Siberia for almost a month, lived in the forest. Now flying to lake Baikal. Each visit fills me with the awe of nature and meetings with local residents, I of all people feel the beauty around.”