Дочь Серова устроила скандал после его откровений об умершем ребенке The musician told about a difficult situation with Michelle. 25-year-old girl felt that Serov reported excess in one of the television. In “the Destiny of man” Alexander explained in detail what was happening in their family.
Дочь Серова устроила скандал после его откровений об умершем ребенке

New hero program “the Destiny of man,” which leads Boris korchevnikov, was Alexander Serov. Recently he had Elena, the former wife of musician. She accused the actor that he once beat her. Star of stage could not remain silent and decided to present their version of all the events faced by their family.

As it became known, Alexander many times changed the name. This happened due to the fact that after his birth, his father left their family. According to Alexander, the Pope did not pay child support, so tried to hide from everyone. Meeting with relatives was held after the concert in Odessa in 1989. Then Serov father gave 10,000 rubles, which in those days was considered big money.

Recent esters with parents had a negative impact on Michelle. Daughter of Alexander and Helen is unhappy that the father spoke out strongly about the mother. “There are some things that Michelle does not catch up even by age. It concerns her mother. Mother was always on edge. She had relaxing moments when she played with the dogs,” says Serov.

Besides, the heiress of the artist was shocked by his revelations in “Andrei Malakhov, live”. Then Alexander told about the death of the youngest child, who gave birth to Elena.

Alexander Serov has told how ex-wife poisoned their first child

“She rushed me into the room and started screaming: “Who asked you? Who gave you permission?”I fly the phone, plates. I barely hid under the blanket. For what? Because I did everything literally. She lives the Queen” – said Serov on the reaction of Michel for his speech.

The actor revealed details of a life with Elena. The former athletes had a twin sister Olga. The woman was jealous husband to his cousin. According to her, sometimes Serov too was staring at her sister.

“In 18 years I her body is not touched. And I had to touch it. For the prevention to put her in her place, and then another thrash”, – said the singer.

Continuing the conversation about the former spouse, Serov gave to understand that Elena is abusing alcohol. According to him, ex-lover came on TV to tell his story, as he “hooked” her in one of the ethers.

Elena admitted that after the baby was born, they were sleeping with Alexander in different rooms. Serov did not discuss with his wife the advent of another child. “Because I’m always traveling. I felt sorry for her,” said the artist.

The musician believed that the first child was not conceived from him. He suggested Korchevnikov to treat this situation without emotion. “She was the groom. A Valera. I didn’t discourage her. He just played her. Very fresh girl 18, peach!”- said Alexander.

Serov suggests that he has already begun to meet with Lena when she was pregnant. The man taught Elena a lot. She spoke in the previous program, that Alexander forced her to change the style. The musician is surprised by her words. He still can’t forget how I saw her in mini skirt and boots when they first met. The actor forced her to dress decently.

Serov does not deny that for all their life together, he gave cause for jealousy, as he had many women friends. First, as claimed by Elena, she wanted to file for divorce when Michelle was four years old. But the musician doesn’t remember the incident.

The ex-wife of Alexander Serov: “I divorced him to survive and not go crazy»

Serov says that he hit his wife, because she provoked the situation. “I went once, to the right, her face. Then on the left. And she took the boots, and me in lobeshnik”, – said the musician.

Alexander mentioned that there was no blood, and the story of Helen about the incident is untrue. The singer really loved his wife. He argues that this feeling happens only once in life.