Tatiana Totmianina comes after the next operation

Татьяна Тотьмянина приходит в себя после очередной операции Athlete gradually returns to normal life and already started training. At the end of last year, Tatiana Totmianina broke his leg and was compelled to go to the doctors. Recently, a woman underwent another intervention of medical professionals.

Olympic champion Tatiana Totmianina continues to recover from serious injuries sustained at the New year’s eve. The skater recently underwent the third in a row operation on his leg. This was reported by her husband Alexei Yagudin. According to the husband of Tatyana, she is recovering and has already started to train.

Close care about Totmjanina in this difficult period. Sports star trying not to lose the spirit and remains optimistic.

“My Juliet in between workouts, operated by, and for the third time! But judging by this little video, place it good, the Solarium is. Honey, stop tanning and go home. We love you very much and wait,” wrote Yagudin in social networks.

Users of social networks supported Tatiana and wished her to go faster on the amendment. “Get well soon”, “What is it you fighter”, “May be restored”, “an Extraordinary woman”, “Successful operation”, “Adore you,” wrote in the comments to the post Yagudin.

Recall that Tatiana Totmianina broke her leg during a performance at the Christmas show of Ilya Averbukh’s “the Nutcracker and the Mouse king”. Immediately after the incident, the skater needed emergency medical care. Tatyana was taken to the hospital, where she underwent surgery. Totmianina later apologized to the audience for the situation.

“The year you were beautiful, but over pechalka. Treat the situation philosophically. A broken leg is not a reason to be upset, but time to rest” – shared a woman in Instagram.

Husband of Totmjanina supported it. He said that he hoped for the best. “Unfortunately, injuries and sports life often overlap! I’m an unrealistic optimist, so I think that life gave her time to just relax! Thank you Yana Khokhlova for that night learned the whole show and saved the situation! Thank you all for words of support. It is now a favorite for the surgery, but I’m sure everything will be fine, in fact differently and cannot be. Operiruya, get well soon and come back to ice the best team,” – with these words Yagudin turned to his wife.

Alexei Yagudin officially married Tatiana Totmyanina in February 2016. The couple has two children – Elizabeth and Michelle. Before you go to the Registrar, the athletes were in a civil marriage for several years.