Maria Maksakova with children

Мария Максакова ждет встречи с детьми The singer still thinks about returning to Russia. Maria Maksakova admits that she likes to live in Kiev, but she is saddened that his son Ilya and daughter Folk can’t come to her. Despite all the rumors, the star of the Opera stage wants to communicate with them.
Мария Максакова ждет встречи с детьми

Maria Maksakova lives in Ukraine more than a year. According to the singer, she’s okay with that because she likes the atmosphere. The star claims that there are no problems in communicating with people. Well it took the team of the Kiev Opera house. Maria feels a strong competition between employees of cultural institutions.

“In fact, if the management of the theatre, so to speak, not pits between performers, and each of them occupies its place and has a repertoire, there is no problem. The only time growing competition in wrestling performers for the premiere performance, when they prove to the conductor, who deserves to play at the premiere. But it happens in all theaters,” explained the star.

Most of all Mary worried that she can’t communicate with older children. Some time ago, the singer signed a document about the place of residence of children. Despite personal Maksakova, Vladimir Tyurin, she doesn’t mind older son and daughter resided with the father. However, the celebrity admits that would love to be reunited with the heirs.

Maria Maksakova spoke about the situation of child abandonment and his father’s funeral

“I really want to see their older children. But at the moment it’s impossible. All I can do now is to wait until they’re old enough to come to me,” said Maria.

Maksakova has a son Ivan from Denis Boronenkov, who tragically died last year. The boy has become a hero videoblog artist. As told by Maria, she is already thinking about where the child will go to school, and no plans to return to Russia. “Yes, associated with Kiev your life in the near future,” says Maria.

The star admits that trying to deal with the criticism, so frequently deletes unflattering comments on her pages, users of the social network. “Negative statements that are just base rhetoric are removed. If the user expresses his avaricious primitive thought in a boorish manner, then who cares? It’s not interesting neither in form nor in content. I don’t mind critical comments if they differ in sharpness of thought,” explained Maria in conversation with the edition “Island”.