Дочь Петра Толстого раскрыла подробности развода родителей TV presenter and his wife broke up after 24 years of marriage. Peter Tolstoy did not advertise the ending of a relationship with the beloved. As it turned out, the husband and wife for more than a year do not live together, but continue to communicate for the kids.
Дочь Петра Толстого раскрыла подробности развода родителей

Well-known journalist and politician Pyotr Tolstoy prefers not to expose my personal life. He rarely attends social events and their time paid work. That’s why the fans were not even aware of the divorce of TV presenter.

The sad news was announced by Tolstoy’s daughter Alexandra in one of his interviews. The girl said that the parents broke up in 2016, but it’s not widely reported in the press.

“Parents do not hide. Every year we travel to the don under Volgograd. We put up tents and live in them. For me it is a kind of life that a child learns the home: cooking, cleaning, etc. We usually go with family, friends and my parents, and now my young man,” said Alexander.

Now the girl lives with her mother, but the father tries to spend most of your free time. They meet several times a week, discussing important topics, plans for the future.

The news about the divorce of Peter and his wife really surprised many because the presenter never talked about the problems in the family. On its pages in social networks you can find only photos related to the working activity. Now the Colon is gone from television, and develops a career in the political sphere. The man often speaks about current social problems.

Few fans of the presenter know that he is the great-grandson of Leo Tolstoy. 17-year-old Alexander tries to honor the family tradition and are very respectful of their famous ancestors. According to the girl, she likes the novels of the famous writer, but is not a big fan.

Now all thoughts of Alexandra busy with school. However, the girls have enough time and privacy. With her boyfriend she was Dating for more than a year. The heiress Tolstoy has managed to acquaint parents with the beloved.

“I sometimes think that my mom even loves Phil more than me. With dad they go fishing. So perfect I probably already found,” said Alexander.

This year she finishes school. She has to pass my exams and go to College. In an interview with Peopletalk Fat did not talk about plans for the future and their chosen profession. However, fans of the presenter hope that the successor will follow in his footsteps.