Как украсили новогодние елки Илана Юрьева, Анна Пескова и Анастасия Трегубова The stars are preparing for the holiday. Many have already chosen the gifts to family and friends. Ilana St. George already gave a festive photo shoot with friends, but Anastasia Tregubova’s apartment was adorned with fir branches.
Как украсили новогодние елки Илана Юрьева, Анна Пескова и Анастасия Трегубова

On the eve of the holiday, many celebrities have already decided where they will go to meet him. Someone will gather together with family and friends, and decorating the Christmas tree, and someone is going abroad, there to arrange an unforgettable New year.

Alla Dukhova

In 2017, the ballet Alla Duhova TODES celebrated its 30th anniversary. In the lobby of the theater, she put a Christmas tree with star balls, where she can see and all the spectators, and even the artists themselves, who often come to the school. The holiday Alla Vladimirovna will celebrate with family in Riga.

“According to our tradition, in New year our family gathers in Riga, visiting my sister – says Alla Dukhova. Together decorate the Christmas tree, prepare Olivier. New year twice: first Moscow-time, and after that in Riga. Give gifts, we light sparklers, watch new year’s eve concerts — totally traditional new year, such as it was in our childhood.”

Anastasia Tregubova

Как украсили новогодние елки Илана Юрьева, Анна Пескова и Анастасия Трегубова

Together with his son Mike and daughter Lisa is the host of “Good morning” on the First channel of Anastasia Tregubova fashioned Christmas decorations. Papier-mache they did not only a few pieces of jewelry in the form of balls, but also a symbol of the year — dogs. The paper chose appropriate, with pictures of animals. According to tradition, the Christmas tree is decorated with the whole family.

“We have opened so that the decoration of the apartment for the new year we allocated the whole day. When all of the output. Take out the toy, assembled the tree, and begin to dress her children. Lisa reaches already high enough, and the help of parents they will not need. Put small Christmas trees or Christmas tree branches and in other parts of the apartment, decorate a chest of drawers, wardrobe and even a piano transformed. Be sure the toys are the characters. It takes one phone to buy one set of 4 or 6 cards with pictures of dogs and hang them in different places of the apartment,” Anastasia said.

Ilana St. George

Как украсили новогодние елки Илана Юрьева, Анна Пескова и Анастасия Трегубова

This year, the apartment of the actress of the show “Ural dumplings” smell of pine needles. Along with elastic Dmitry Ilana placed in the living room, the tree height of two meters. This is the first conscious new year for their two-year daughter Diana. Decorating the tree they are also together. The vast majority of balls brought from different parts of the world. In particular, the Venetian mask, and a set of red toys was bought in new York during last year’s Christmas holidays that the whole family held in the United States.

“I love this holiday, in the childhood believed in father Frost and fell asleep in the living room to see him put the gifts under the tree. And in the morning always surprised him again overslept. Want and our daughter believed in this beautiful tale. This year we have already written a letter to Santa Claus, and he promised to fulfill the wish of Diana. We can say that we became very ahead of time to prepare for this New year, decorations have been collecting for years. New year is perhaps the most beautiful holiday, and want everything that surrounds us these days, it was special.”

Sergey Gubanov

Как украсили новогодние елки Илана Юрьева, Анна Пескова и Анастасия Трегубова

Actor and founder of the perfume brand Sergey Gubanov this year will be without a traditional Christmas feast in his house is repaired, so no holiday decorations may not be considered. New year mood it decided to charge friends and colleagues, established the office not just the Christmas tree and adorning it with perfume its perfume brand.

“New year this year, I note in Italy. In a small village called San Martino. It is located in the mountains, all sides open view: no snow, but nice and quiet. Want to exhale, and to be fed with new energy to implement all ideas that have accumulated,” said the actor.

Anna Peskova

While Anna Peskov does not know if it will work this year to visit her hometown of Chelyabinsk, or she would be happy to host relatives at home, in Moscow. The actress has already put up a tree and dressed her old toys, some of which were brought from trips. Appearing in the winter break in European cities, Anna did not miss the opportunity to visit the Christmas markets, where you always find interesting little things. Some toys were donated and some are bought in Moscow. Combines them one color – Golden-sand.

“New year is a family holiday, probably the most wonderful and warm, and our main tradition is to celebrate it with your loved ones and family. Usually try to gather the whole family. The most important thing for me is favorite people to new year’s eve. I remember as a child were all together, dressed the Christmas tree, helping my mom cook a variety of dishes on the Christmas table, and on the morning of 1 January, all together went for a walk…” – says the actress Anna Peskova.