Daughter of Mikhail Pugovkin was subjected to harassment and was disinherited

Дочь Михаила Пуговкина подверглась травле и лишилась наследства Elena — the daughter of a famous artist from the Soviet marriage to dancer Hope the Nadezhdino. After Mikhail Pugovkin died, attacked the woman relatives of the artist, wishing to solve the question of inheritance. Despite the fact that she demanded nothing, she was greatly nerves of his third wife, Irina Konstantinovna.
Дочь Михаила Пуговкина подверглась травле и лишилась наследства

July 13, Michael Pugovkina would have turned 95 years — the honoured artist died in 2008 due to the aggravation of diabetes. The actor was married three times. His last wife was Irina Lavrova, who was younger than 20 years. Then these relations are called unequal marriage, because the woman worked as a simple administrator Soyuzkontsert.

After the death Pugovkin between his relatives erupted real war — the daughter of the actor Elena couldn’t get along with her stepmother, and that, in turn, literally to the death star of Soviet cinema did not give her see her father.

“After the departure of Pope Irina Konstantinovna said a lot of nasty things about me, my mom and my son. The main theme is inheritance. Supposedly I’m almost at the deathbed of his father demanded his share, and Misha was shaking helpless grandfather’s shoulders. And not ashamed to lie? Still can not calm down, although all she got. Funny! She was still in his life rewrote everything. I have not filed in the court, but to the notary asked. He made the request and issued a verdict: “your father is nothing. He cha-cha”. The most popular of folk died poor,” admitted Elena.
Дочь Михаила Пуговкина подверглась травле и лишилась наследства

Childhood daughter Pugovkin was happy until, until the father divorced her mother Soviet dancer Hope the Nadezhdino. The wife of the actor are unable to accept the fact that the husband abused alcohol. Breaking the relationship with Mikhail Ivanovich, the artiste sent 15-year-old heir to their Kostroma province in a communal apartment in Moscow, and she engaged in her own personal life.

“Mom gave me two days, gave the documents to the school, showed them the way to the store and flew off! Hurry on the road. However, previously, taking her daughter’s hand, walked all the neighbors in the stairwell. Asked can anyone feed me after school lunch, of course, money. But nobody cared to stranger girls. But to call his father and his mother, who lived in Moscow, — they say, take care of Lena, dear child, won’t. And I was left all alone in a strange city, among strangers. Ringing silence in the half-empty room frightened. I was afraid to sleep in the dark. He lay, curled up under a blanket and watched a thin line of light under the door: so far, saw it wasn’t so bad. Nobody was interested, if I do the lessons they eat. If not disappeared — God knows”, — said the daughter Pugovkin.

The meeting of Helen with her father were rare, and the money he gave reluctantly, because he had at that time already had another wife — Alexander Lukyanchenko. “She was a perfect wife to him that such was needed. Imagine what she experienced, seeing the almost sixteen year old girl in a school uniform with a white apron,” said the daughter Pugovkin.

In the 90s Mikhail Ivanovich moved to Yalta together with his third wife, Irina Konstantinovna, however, after the collapse of the USSR were in poverty. Pension in UAH were too low. Friends helped Pugovkina again to move to Moscow, and in recent years, many cases involved his wife. Fortunately, Elena managed to say goodbye to her father when he died. And just before his death, the artist said the main words the heiress: “I love you”.

“Pudova’ve raised money for a monument, cried in a magazine that it is very expensive. Helped famous people, but still not enough, so I had to sell combat medals of people’s artist. And on the telecast refused their own words, they say, did not sell. Confused in “indications”, — said Elena in an interview with “Caravan. A collection of stories.”