Деми Мур лишилась 169 тысяч долларов The American actress has lost a large amount of money, the victim of a clever swindler. The incident occurred in the early spring of this year. In a few weeks the thief was able to live large at the expense of Hollywood stars.
Деми Мур лишилась 169 тысяч долларов

American actress demi Moore has lost large sums of money, becoming a victim of fraud with Bank cards. And it all started back in the spring, when the attacker told the company American Express that the star was left without a credit card, indicating that it was either stolen or demi lost her.

Further events developed according to plan fraud. The company has manufactured a new plastic credit card and sent it to Moore with the help of the courier service FedEx. However, before the actress got her credit card was intercepted by the scammer named David Matthew Reid.

In a few weeks with demi a thief has managed to spend with her 169 000 dollars. Buy David performed in prestigious American Department stores Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue. Video cameras in these shops helped the police to apprehend the culprit. Later, Reid himself made a confession. The other day he was arrested and put in jail in Los Angeles.

Деми Мур лишилась 169 тысяч долларов

It is worth noting that demi’s not the first time gets into trouble with large amounts. Last year, foreign media reported that the actress has exposed on sale luxury penthouse apartment in San Remo in new York. However, the mansion in no hurry to buy. The actress more than two years wondered what it was, after all, a cozy house in the elite district of the metropolis was very inexpensive by Hollywood standards. Original star he asks for $ 75 million.

Savvy realtors Moore advised her to reduce the price. And star client to heed the words of experts. It did not help, reduced by $ 16 million price did not attract buyers. Then demi again reduced the cost, evaluating the penthouse is already 45 million. The actress admitted that it is important to get rid of the past that connected her to her ex-husband Bruce Willis. At the rate of professional real estate, from the mansion of two stars can do a hotel with rooms for $ 2,000 a day. In the end, a luxury home bought unknown just over $ 45 million.