Звезда «нулевых» Саша сбежала из США после расставания с отцом ребенка The singer of the hit “failed, it didn’t happen” Sasha moved to the United States in the mid-2000s. There singer Sasha has been recording new songs, and two years ago, pleased fans with good news — she first became a mother. However, the relationship with the girl’s father did not work, and now the actress plans to return home.
Звезда «нулевых» Саша сбежала из США после расставания с отцом ребенка

In the early 2000s in the Russian show business has a new star – singer Sasha. Her songs “did Not work, it didn’t happen” and “It’s just the rain” quickly became hits, but after a while she decided it was time to go to a new level, and went on to conquer the US, dreaming of world fame. In Los Angeles artist under the name Sasha Gradiva recorded songs that also found their audience. And two years ago, the artist announced that for the first time became a mother — she gave birth to a daughter Mind.

However, after 10 years of living in America, 39-year-old singer decided to return home.

“I gave birth to a daughter and quickly went to her father. Was in limbo, despite the fact that quite a tough person and not lose my head even in critical situations. I had hard. And this despite the fact that I immediately started to work. I felt isolated, tied to a young child because I didn’t have a babysitter: this little girl I couldn’t trust,” admitted Sasha.
Звезда «нулевых» Саша сбежала из США после расставания с отцом ребенка

Despite the difficulties, the singer is glad that now she has a charming daughter, whom she loves with all her heart. Sometimes, however, Sasha is sad – she wants to make society more supportive of single moms, because sometimes it is fear because of the huge responsibility for the child, which lies on the fragile female shoulders.

The singer says what happened to the father of her child and why he’s not close with his family. According to Sasha, women should not be blamed for the fact that they become single mothers.

Звезда «нулевых» Саша сбежала из США после расставания с отцом ребенка“Something to hide: occasionally, of course, experience. I, like any mother, and a man who grew up in the Soviet Union, concerned about this issue. But then again, I try to suppress such thoughts because it is a wrong sense of guilt. Woman is the last person you can blame is that the child grows up without a father,” shared the singer.
Звезда «нулевых» Саша сбежала из США после расставания с отцом ребенка

Sasha believes that she will not be difficult to find a man who will accept her with the child. But while separated from her strong arm. The singer despairs – she is now entirely absorbed by the care of the little Mind and own career. According to her, the return to Russia colleagues in show business was perceived quite positively. Some of the artists she kept warm friendly relations. But Sasha is now admitted in an interview with Woman.ru her goal is once again to achieve fame.

“I think about popularity, but from a different angle. I measure performances. I want to have good concerts, performing in large halls, lots of touring — Yes. Is it hard? On the one hand, Yes, and with another — easily, because I rested. Today I calmly refer to our smart program Directors, who know everything about music, never having played and not having sung a single note, I’m not touching someone else’s opinion. Today I take my job in Russia with new inspiration and optimism”, — said the artist.