Daughter Natalia Polonskaya helped her to take a nickname

Дочь Натальи Поклонской помогла ей принять прозвище The Deputy told, refers to “nyash-myash”. Ex-Prosecutor of Crimea, and now a member of the state Duma Natalia Poklonskaya admitted that the child explained to her that in this word there is nothing offensive. According to the woman, she even got used to them.

      Some time ago the ex-the Prosecutor of the Crimea Natalia Poklonskaya went to live in Moscow. Now the former law enforcement officers is the Deputy of the state Duma and participate in the meetings. Yet Poklonskaya rents an apartment and waiting to receive the keys from the Deputy’s home. She moved to the capital with his family. Daughter Natalia Anastasia grows very smart girl. According to a government representative, heir sometimes gives her valuable advice. Even in the elections of 18 September, the girl went with her mother.

      Poklonskaya is remembered by many people by the nickname “nyash-myash”, which she received in 2014, when the Crimea coup, and the Republic became part of the Russian Federation. Natalia talked about even in Japan, as a press conference with her participation and uttered the words “nyash-myash” has become one of the most popular videos on the Network. A Youtube user made an interview Poklonskaya video editing with the music, based on the riff from the song Daft Punk Instant Crush, making the woman a song, which he called “Nyash Myash”.

      As admitted ex-the Prosecutor of the Crimea, at first she was unhappy that her person loudly discussing on the Internet. Later the daughter explained to the mother that this nickname is no negative intent.

      “I take it kindly. When began in Internet active discussion, anime, drawings, and nickname it the “nyash-myash” I was upset, so I’m a bit angry. Come home at night, my wall, my daughter sits and draws my husband and me. The same anime. I said, “Nastya, what are you doing?”. “Mom, but it’s so beautiful, I also want to me by NASA was called. It’s childish. It’s so good.” I’m not repudiate. Of course, in awe of this are not”, – said Natalia.

      Despite the high employment rate in the state Duma, Russia cares about the cultural development of Nastia. She promised her daughter to buy a dress and go with her to the theater for the staging of “Woe from wit”. Natalia tries not to talk about his personal life, however, does not deny that a happy marriage. “About the husband – I can imagine how he sits, listens and is going through what I say… actually, I have a family, a husband, my beloved daughter, so ladies, rich men free Duma”, – said the Deputy in an interview kp.ru.