Подписчики Хилари Дафф возмущены её взрослым поцелуем с 4-летним сыном

Like any mom, Hilary Duff loves her son. The actress adores her child and is ready to show their feelings every second. Admirers of Hilary’s baby is not hides. Page Duff in a social network full of pictures of the boy, but recently there appeared a picture that caused a storm of indignation among the followers of the actress.

29-year-old Duff has published a photo taken at the amusement Park. The picture shows Hilary kisses his 4–year-old son on the lips. this gesture did not like the followers of the star. They began to imagine to dream strange things on the subject of what kiss the son “grown-up” is too much.

The reaction of subscribers are outraged and angry Duff, because she decided not to remain silent, and to comment on the unhealthy suspicion: “For all who comment on kiss on the lips with my four year old son and calls it invalid: quickly unsubscribe from me with your perverted mind and judgment”.

Followed if someone from the followers of the star of her own advice, is difficult to trace.

We will remind, son Luca, Hilary gave birth in marriage to hockey player Mike Comrie. This spring, the couple unfortunately divorced. Now Duff is trying to rebuild their lives. To help her in this trying her fitness trainer Jason Walsh. But after only five months, the couple broke up.