Actress Olga Lomonosova gave the heiress an incredible holiday

Актриса Ольга Ломоносова устроила наследнице невероятный праздник The actress is glad that all the guests were happy with the celebration. Olga Lomonosova decided to arrange for a 10-year-old Barbara unusual birthday. The children were so happy to cook.

      Famous Russian actress Olga Lomonosova decided to make in honor of the anniversary of his daughter a Grand celebration. On the eve of its successor was 10 years old. The girl gathered all her friends to the celebration, so in the noisy cheerful company to celebrate this day. Olga was delighted with the party of your child – for children she rented a cooking Studio, where guests could show their talent in cooking. Apparently, Barbara and her friends were happy had spent time.

      “That’s crazy! I am the mother of 10-year-old Barbara! Incredible festival! The kids absolutely loved it. The kids are ready! And disco what it was!” – wrote the actress in the microblog.

      Fans of the artiste also rushed to congratulate her daughter with the anniversary. They wished the girl health and carefree childhood. “Olenka, with all my heart, with the birth of daughter! Be happy! Love and peace to your home”, “Congratulations! What are you both beautiful and happy”, “I Congratulate you, girls, Cook a whole!”, “Congratulations! Beautiful both of you,” wrote the loyal fans of the actress.

      Olga Lomonosova has two children – daughters Barbara and Alexander. The youngest child is now five years old. The artist lives in a civil marriage with the actor Pavel Safonov. Despite the fact that Olga sees his beloved soul mate, they are in no hurry to officially register the relationship. Lomonosov considers marriage a mere formality. She was pleased that next to it is beloved man and children wear his name. Moreover, Paul is sometimes referred to Olga, his wife. However, the actress does not deny that, perhaps, they get married. She hinted to her daughters that in the future if they decide to give to your parents this holiday, they will be happy.

      Lomonosov often shares pictures of his family with the subscribers in the Network. Fans happy to follow the life of a celebrity, asking her questions and admire the fact that she copes with the role of the mother, but also active in films and plays on stage.