Дочь Маргариты Тереховой раскроет тайны своей матери For over 10 years the star of the films “the Three Musketeers” and “dog in the manger” is struggling with a progressive disease – loss of memory. Next to 75-year-old Margarita Borisovna are always children – daughter Anna and son Alexander.
Дочь Маргариты Тереховой раскроет тайны своей матери

They are sure people are interested to know the fate of the actress. Now the family – preparing a biographical book.

“Talk to my mom every day says “StarHit” Anna, the heiress of a celebrity. – Gather the crumbs of her memories of youth, friendship c of interesting people… Want to see all the details of her unique journey included in the book. Their services I have suggested the publishing house “Eksmo”. I agreed. Also helps film critic Julia Anokhina. It explores the work of Andrei Tarkovsky and Margarita Terekhova. Julia reported that there have been developments, but she needed to know more. So I introduce her with the actors and Directors who worked or communicated with the mother. Julia from them learned many interesting facts. About some I had no idea!”

According to the daughter of a star, the process of creating manuscripts is in full swing. But the conclusion too early to say.

“Still not assembled all the material – continues Anna. The book is a lot more unknown stories. Julia joke that we’re getting an encyclopedia!”

On the state of health of Margaret Borisovny’s daughter likes to talk, but asks fans not to worry.

“Everything is stable, – said Terekhov Jr. – We help nannies often come to visit relatives. Friends also don’t forget, call someone even offers financial assistance. But all the payments took the Mossovet Theatre, because mom is still listed. When she sees such love in her face a smile appears, and improves mood. This is for me the most important thing right now”.