Беременная звезда «Дома-2» Алена Ашмарина рассталась с Ильей Григоренко Ex-member of telestroke put an end to the relationship with the father of her second child. According to Alena’s Asmarinos, they with Ilya Grigorenko together came to that decision. The blonde also admitted that does not test negative to a former lover.
Беременная звезда «Дома-2» Алена Ашмарина рассталась с Ильей Григоренко

Former participants of the reality show “House-2” Alena ashmarina and Ilya Grigorenko decided to leave. That in the relations of young people, not everything went smoothly, was known a few weeks ago. Then star telestroke chose to disperse, than has provoked the hopes of fans for a reunion. Now, however, ashmarina, it seems, put an end to the affair with Grigorenko. The blonde said goodbye to Ilya in social networks.

Alain also talked about how, what emotions feels towards Elijah. Despite the fact that the way of ex-participants of the TV show went, ashmarina not hold a grudge against Grigorenko. The young woman is very optimistic.

“You decided to leave, and I’ll support! We made the decision together. In my life there are two small miracle, one expected in July. I left our love forever in memory of our baby! Remember only the good. Dreams always come true, apparently, we were too different!” she said.

Users of social networks hastened to support Alyona. The followers write the star encouraging comments, and also send her personal messages. Some of them ashmarina quoted in stories his Instagram. One of the messages touched the young woman to tears. “Alenka, my Bunny! Take care of yourself for the baby. Cat, take all of your giant heart in a fist and hang on. You need your crumbs, you Mama is the first happiness. (…) Only a complete idiot, creating a masterpiece disclaims authorship. You and I have almost the same time” – with these words to a former member of telestroke asked one of podeschi. Alena thanked her for those kind words. “Thank you for every word,” said the blonde.

About pregnancy Asmarinos became known in mid-February. Then Alena has published a photograph taken during the ultrasound. According to the young woman, she is a short period of time. “I’ll be happy to share with you my feelings, emotions and, most importantly, experience! I tell you right now – I am extremely pleased and happy. With Ilya [Grigorenko] we live in different cities. But again – I am immensely happy!” – told the TV star to his followers.

A happy event in the lives of blondes should happen this summer. While ex-member of telestroke continues to lead a normal lifestyle. Recently ashmarina made ones seriously worried – it was taken from work because of overwork. After a while Alain came to himself and returned to business as usual.

Add that Alena also has a daughter Patricia who was born in her marriage with Herman by Asmarina.