Дмитрий Нагиев пришел на помощь Агате Муцениеце The actress spoke about joint work with the presenter in the fifth season of the show First channel “Voice. Children.” In recognition Agatha muceniece, she was nervous before filming, because we were afraid to do something wrong. However, Dmitry Nagiyev suddenly supported the colleague.
Дмитрий Нагиев пришел на помощь Агате Муцениеце

Actress Agatha muceniece became co-host Dmitry Nagiyev in the fifth season of the show “the Voice. Children.” Star of the TV series “Closed school” was nervous before the filming of such a popular project. Over time, however, the artist managed to overcome their fears. According to Agatha, she sometimes help and the participants themselves. Muceniece recently gave an interview in which he told about joint work with nagievym and the reaction of her husband Paul Priluchnogo on her new appointment.

In recognition of Agatha, she was worried, ready to shoot with Dmitry. The actress is feared to behave improperly and cause a negative reaction from colleagues. But the actor has been very open and positive. Naghiyev came to the aid of muceniece to cheer her professional advice. Agatha was grateful to the facilitator for support.

“Dmitry was a wonderful person. I have for some time had been afraid of him, tried not to bother him with their company. Stand next to the best presenter in the country, of course, terrible. Worried you don’t have to be on the same level with Dimitri. However, it is to me very strongly supported. The word “good”, heard from him, gave me confidence and cheered very. Dmitry gave me advice, how to stand in the frame, and helped with other technical issues. I still remember one very right. “Don’t try to please, then everything will work out,” he said to me,” the actress told reporters.

Muceniece added that he admires the budding performers. Young contestants managed to impress the leader, who found them unique and strong.

Spouse of Agatha Priluchny Paul welcomed to her new job. The star of the series “C” are proud of the success of his wife and tries to help her get through.

“Pasha was very happy, oddly enough. The fact that he does not like when the work falls on a holiday, and here it did. We were going to fly to rest! But I eventually left in Moscow, and Pasha with children are well rested,” – shared the actress.

As told to Agatha, she didn’t expect the producers of “the Voice. Children” and Konstantin Ernst to approve her candidacy just a few days. Their decision was a great surprise for the actress. According to muceniece, she was shocked by such turn of events. Before you try yourself as a co-host Dmitry Nagiyev, wife Priluchnogo starred in the First channel show “Kings of plywood”. “I liked the creators project as a participant: they were impressed by my way of improvisation”, – quotes the actress Sobesednik.ru.