Дочь Ларисы Вербицкой вспомнила о жестоком наказании мамы Inna admitted that a parent is adamant in their decisions. Larisa Verbitskaya appreciates the fact that her children understood her busy schedule. She is grateful to the eldest son, who took care of some chores.
Дочь Ларисы Вербицкой вспомнила о жестоком наказании мамы

From the TV presenter Larisa Verbitskaya has two children – eldest son Maxim and daughter ina. Despite the fact that a celebrity constantly worked on television, she always tried to spend more time with their children. According to Larisa, they have seen that parents are busy and tired after work. Larissa grateful to Maxim when he was walking with her younger sister and was even able to do some things around the house. The heiress Verbitskaya said that the mother punished them for faults.

“Mom is strict. But it is possible to agree. Mom needs to tell all the details and then get her approval. I remember one time when my parents punished me. We are in the country riding on mopeds, we were forbidden to do, so I sat under house arrest,” ina admitted.
Дочь Ларисы Вербицкой вспомнила о жестоком наказании мамы

Larisa Verbitskaya told Tatiana Ustinova in her program “My hero”, thanks to eldest son met her second husband Alexander domowym. First time leading married at age 19. According to her, she wanted an independent adult life. At that time she lived in Chisinau. After the divorce she stayed with her son, and he persuaded her to go to the circus. Her future husband was in Moldova, where the film was shot. He drew attention to the Verbitskaya, but was too shy to personally come and meet you. Friend had the opportunity to hold the boy backstage and see the animals up close – at the time Alexander started the conversation with Larissa.

For some time they corresponded, as we lived in different cities. Later, Larissa moved to Moscow. In 1990, they had a daughter ina. The girl noted that she used to mother nature.

“My mom will start screaming when he’s angry. But not for long, she quickly departs, he apologizes, we make up. Although we know that when mom yells, is angry, is better here not to insert their word, it is better to listen and accept at the time. And then, when mom is calm, we can discuss to find some compromise, some solution,” – said Inna.