Wife of Alexander Revva forcibly teaches him to proper nutrition

Супруга Александра Реввы насильно приучает его к правильному питанию The artist’s wife Angelica admitted, as the learned calmly to his numerous fans. Wife Revva said that preparing dinner for Alexander and two daughters, Alice and Amelie.
Супруга Александра Реввы насильно приучает его к правильному питанию

Alexander and Angelica Revva married for over ten years. The couple are two charming daughters, Alice and Amelie. Fans admire the relations in the star family. But their Union has not always been smooth.

“There were moments when I saw the reactions of women to my man, and jealous. I apologize to Sasha for what is allowed moments of jealousy. He was inexperienced, but soon learned to understand that the reaction of women to the artist – is also part of the profession. Part of the image. Need to appreciate just how to you people, and I always felt the sincerity Sasha – thank him for it. A woman should follow is not for the husband, but for themselves: to be interesting to themselves and others. Then the man will be interesting next to my wife who has friends, their interests, and he will not have the idea that there is someone better”, – said Angelica.

The wife of the artist confessed that Alexander calls only during certain hours. The young woman learned to trust famous husband.

“I call with words of support. In any case, not with a hint of: “where are you now? Who are you?” In the beginning of a relationship when I was young, such tones could slip in, but then they added fire to the relationship. Now I want to love and respect each other and not make the brain” – said Angelica.

The young woman decided not to devote Alexander in household problems. They are discussing only the education of children, creativity and plans. “For example, I enjoy making repairs, and can resolve any issue associated with this process. I don’t have to involve a man. I have it in many other ways good. I removed from our relations way of life,” said Angelica.

Also the wife of the artist took control over the nutrition of the household. Angelica cooks exclusively healthy meals, forbidding native eat any processed foods.

“In terms of food for my family I’m the dictator, to put it mildly, zadolbal all. But I think these dishes that all were interesting and tasty. Children are not strictly limited, understand that sooner or later the child will still try the food that you eat peers at school or in the garden, it is impossible to go everywhere with the boxes with your food. We have excluded only fast food. Sausages sometimes have children in the diet appear but seldom”, – said Angelica.

The mother of two daughters said that often experiments in nutrition. Angelica even tried a raw food diet.

“I will not say that I am a total raw foodists, but I’m a vegetarian. I already participate in the sweet cerednicenko history, but don’t advertise it. There are other proposals on cooperation”, – said Angelica Revva in an interview with “TV Program”.