Александр Петров устроил на работу свою первую любовь Darya Yemelyanova, moved behind the artist in Moscow. Alexander Petrov ninth grade courted a girl for ten years. After he had settled in the capital, the artist decided to help the chosen one.
Александр Петров устроил на работу свою первую любовь

All his childhood the future actor dreamed of becoming a footballer, but those plans went awry. One day at school, during my summer internship at the little Sasha dropped a pile of bricks. The boy received a concussion, and doctors advised him to bid farewell to sports. Petrov decided to enroll in economic faculty of the University in his native city of Pereslavl-Zalessky. Exams passed successfully, but the lectures were attended by only a year. During his studies became interested in KVN, became a member of a student team, to develop some acting skills. At one of the performances of a talented guy noticed the Professor of GITIS and invited to transfer to their University. Alexander agreed. During the second year of the theatre, he debuted on the stage, and then one major role started to change another…

Now Petrov is at his peak – “Gogol. Viy”, in which he played a great writer, is set for release on April 5. On the eve of the premiere of the picture “StarHit” found classmates actor. Friends told why Petrov feared in the area and why he was the envy of peers.

Still waters run deep

Александр Петров устроил на работу свою первую любовь

“With Sasha and we went to Pereslavl-Zalesskiy, says “StarHit” Denis Grigoriev, a classmate of the actor. Both were produced from the 4th school. Petrov was good, all items were answered on a solid four. He loved literature. If the teacher asked to learn a poem, everyone in the class knew that Sasha will tell it better than others. At recess ran a race with him in the yard to kick a ball around. And if the sport was boring, went to roam construction sites”.

According to pals, Petrov grew up neproblemny a teenager. Alexander was always surrounded by creative people.

Александр Петров устроил на работу свою первую любовь“Sasha, stay away from bullies – says “StarHit” the former neighbor on the porch Andrei Verin. For example, I loved the water balloons to drop from the balcony to passers-by, and Petrov pranks didn’t like, he was friends with the “right” guys. Frankly, Sasha, I did not notice, even though we studied in parallel. A regular guy such a dime a dozen in every school”.
Александр Петров устроил на работу свою первую любовь

Despite its quiet character, classmates Petrov knew his best not to anger. If someone was in trouble, he quickly came to the rescue.

“As a child I was weak, so sometimes I am stuck guys, – shares with “StarHit” Maxim, my friend. – Once Sasha saw and stood up for me. Slapped snobs so that they were afraid to contact me. Very grateful to him for that. Although Petrov was a charismatic guy, did not expect that he will be glorified. Thought it ceiling – KVN. And when I saw Sasha on TV, did not believe. Put the frame on pause to understand the old man in front of me or not!”

The future star was already popular with the fairer sex. “Sasha studied a year older than me, – says Natalya Chicherina, a graduate of the same school, and Petrov. – Often caught him in the gym. He then went to the section in basketball. When classes ended, the teachers threw the balls on the rack so that we would not get it. But we wanted to play and cheated, I asked Sasha to take them back. He never refused. He sometimes taught the lessons of physical education – teachers appointed coach. Was not strict, never swore, were all judged justly. It many girls were in love”.

Salt in the wound

In high school Petrov met with Daria Emelianova. The guy started to take care of her when I was at 9M. Dasha was already at 10m, but the age difference does not bother anyone. The pair did not hide the relations, so often catch envious glances of their peers.

“Yes, they did not come off from each other – says “StarHit” Love Kasatkina, familiar guys. – Change always separated themselves together. When graduated from high school, both enrolled in the local University. But then Sasha was transferred to GITIS, and she was left to wait for him in his hometown. When Petrov settled in the capital, left the Institute and went to him.”

“Classmates said Dasha in Moscow didn’t get in anywhere, he attended courses to find work. But she could not. Sasha was already connected, so he arranged a makeup artist favorite in one of the Moscow salons. Dasha always loved to direct beauty, then these skills have come in handy. The other day I watched her Instagram: well done, unwound himself collaborating with stars. It is a pity that they broke up. Dasha about Sasha doesn’t want to know – apparently, he hurt the girl. They have always been friends “Vkontakte”, and recently Emelyanov deleted it. Sorry, parento good. Externally it hasn’t changed a bit, but who knows, maybe arrogant, so he is with a former love is no longer in the way.”