Daria Sagalova left my kids for work

Дарья Сагалова оставила детей ради работы The actress decided to get back to filming. For several years, Darya Sagalova was turned down offers, but now, when daughters become a little older, she is considering participating in interesting projects.
Дарья Сагалова оставила детей ради работы

The star of the show “Happy together” Darya Sagalova and has two daughters – six-year-old Lisa and two-year Stephanie. For several years she has refused shootings, as he was completely absorbed in the care of children. Only recently, the actress decided to return to the profession. For the filming of the TV series “Catch the crew” she had to leave heirs under the supervision of grandmothers.

“It was planned that the shooting will be in Moscow, but two weeks before the beginning of the work it became clear that after all in St.-Petersburg. To escape from the ship it was too late. I decided it was time mom a little bit to deal with them. I put the girls to bed and in the morning flew to Peter. During this period it’s to insure my husband and mom. The children did not suffer, was oblubeny and zatselovali,” – said Sagalova.

The artist rejected the idea of taking daughters with him to the shooting. It is assumed that there is for them will not create special conditions, but because they’re uncomfortable on the court. Daria knew that many mothers give babies. However, she was not at ease because of the separation. The actress admits that for the sake of family well-being ready to abandon his career. She’s not ready to disappear for months on the set and not see the children.

“When the working day was over, my stomach already aching from what felt like home. So I used that Lisana and Stepashka with me everywhere as tailings. They – the main thing for me, and what will happen to the profession – all the same” – did not hide Daria.

Now Sagalova intelligently distributes his time. She does not agree to all the proposals, and selects only what she likes. In an interview with “Antenna-Telesem” Daria said that this year the eldest daughter is going to go to the first class. For an artist it is important to be close to the child in such a crucial period of life and to teach her necessary skills.

“I took her to a strong school. Wanted the state, not paid, not private, and the classic strict to in the good old days children were the requirements. Recently, Lisa said that is not very well understood English and she needed an extra lesson with my aunt. Of course I could not miss the moment when the child asks! You know how much we have homework? Just crazy, every day doing some lessons,” admitted Sagalova.