Дочь Кристины Орбакайте встретилась с братом в Лондоне Claudia along with her mother came to visit Danny, who is studying in England. Christina Aguilera happy reunion with son. Adoring younger sister Denis Baysarov, happy to see grown-up girl.

The middle son of the popular singer Kristina Orbakaite Denis Baysarov last few months of living in London. The heir of the famous family moved to the capital of the UK immediately after graduating from an elite school in Moscow. In London young people receive higher education in the field of “business management”. Son of Christina Orbakaite leaves Russia

Denis Baysarov with interest, started a new page of his life, but of course he misses his family and his sister Claudia, with whom he has very cordial relations. These may weekend feeling truly happy. To visit him in London later my mother arrived Christina Aguilera and his beloved younger sister. Denis has published pictures of Claudia in the microblog, accompanied by a touching comment.

“My sunshine has come to visit big brother” – wrote Denis Baysarov.

Members immediately noted how grown and beautiful daughter Kristina Orbakaite. “Denis really loves his little sister and just happy Klawock”, “Christine, you have a very beautiful girl! Absolutely model appearance. Her happiness!”, “Daddy’s girl, Princess, sweetie!”, “Claudia is growing by leaps and bounds!” – admire the girl fans of the star family.

Probably, the singer came to the son together with him to celebrate his birthday on may 10, Danny turned 19 years old. Christina Aguilera with Claudia stayed in one of the hotels of London. Apparently, the room, the singer shot on the last floor. It has access to a spacious terrace, which offers wonderful views of the UK capital. Christina Aguilera took a short video made on the terrace, and shared it with subscribers microblog.

“That’s how we live in London,” says the singer behind the scenes. Brother and sister in this sport, evoking emotion from my mom: “Yes you are my sweetie, my little,” says the singer children.

It should be noted that all three children Christina Aguilera, despite the large difference in age, friendly with each other, and older brothers, 25-year-old Nikita and 18-year-old Denis I love their five year old sister Claudia. The singer once admitted that the character of the sons she knows quite well, but with the daughter of the case until the situation differently. “Klavochka we are still getting to know each other. In fact, while the child in the cradle, you can still raise, and when he gets up, begins to speak, to know this world all too late, and already it is unclear who brings”, – said the honored artist of Russia in an interview.