Sergey Lazarev teaches his son to shoot at the camera

Сергей Лазарев учит сына снимать на камеру The singer has pleased fans with rare touching the scenes with the baby. After a lot of touring performer went to rest with the heir to warmer climes.

Sergey Lazarev for a long time concealed the information that has already become a father. About two years the actor didn’t tell anyone about the baby, and only in December 2016, said that he grows a wonderful son Nikita. The contractor rarely shares photos of the heir, so everyone new the fans happy.

Take a break between tours, Sergey went to the warm edge went on holiday in warmer climes. Pop singer shared with fans a photo from vacation, where he sits with his son, whose legs only are visible. To the picture, the singer added the hashtags “castleconnell”, “codeinternal”, “allrusamateurs”.

The followers of the star were cut to the photo and wrote a lot of comments about how Sergei adorable son. Many are waiting for the contractor finally show the face of his son, because he carefully hides it. “In this photo you can see forever”, “Happy daddy. Have a great holiday!”, “What happiness! Young dad!”, “How lovely, Serge, good for you!”, “Favorite legs for daddy! Health, You and Your son”, – have commented extensively on the fans of the singer.

We will remind that after in mass media there was information that Sergey has a son, he made an official statement. “Me and my family, it was decided to keep the wonderful and happy event that occurred in my life 2.5 years ago, only family, making no statements and announcements…” – said Sergey Lazarev. He also asked the public to respect his privacy and thanked him for understanding. In addition, the actor said that he is happy to be a father of a beautiful Nikita and nurture it.