The bride is the star of “the Magnificent century” suddenly got jealous of Victoria Beaune

Невеста звезды «Великолепного века» приревновала его к Виктории Боне Foreign journalists claim that the TV star allegedly made a rift in the relationship of a famous actor Burak and his lady fahriye Evcen. The choice of the artist watching his social networks in which Victoria Bonia wrote the artist rave reviews.
Невеста звезды «Великолепного века» приревновала его к Виктории Боне

TV presenter and model Victoria Bonya is an active user of the social network “Instagram”. Beauty blog regularly updates and shares with the fans of vivid images and inspiring posts. In addition, Victoria is following pages, colleagues and occasionally commented on their publication to Express their opinion on a particular issue. Recently Bonya decided to evaluate the photos of the stars of the series “Magnificent century” Burak. 32-year-old brunette is a dream of millions of girls from different countries.

Victoria left under the publications of an actor a few comments. “These eyes,” wrote a celebrity under one of his pictures, accompanied by their replica next to Emoji. And another photo where the Buraq is depicted posing in the light of day, it seemed the TV star simply stunning. Bonia expressed the delight of her happy face with thumb up.

Невеста звезды «Великолепного века» приревновала его к Виктории Боне

Russian-speaking fans Ozchivit has welcomed comments by the presenter and supported them with numerous “likes”. So they expressed agreement with the opinion of a celebrity. However, as it turned out, from their point of view was in agreement not all. The number of dissatisfied statements of Victoria Boni was the bride Burak the fakhriyya Mammadova Evcen. As claimed by the Turkish media, the 30-year-old actress jealous mate to the Russian TV star and elect expressed their dissatisfaction.

Earlier, fakhriyya Mammadova Evcen was unhappy with the attention her fiance showed a model of Mahlagha Jaberi. The model was evaluated by one of the photos from Burak comment “handsome”. As it became known to local correspondents, fakhriyya Mammadova made the choice to block the beauty in Instagram and put together photo to all the girls knew the heart of men employed. That the star couple became a sensation online and has gained more than 1.3 million “likes”.

Add that the wedding fahriye Evcen and Burak needs to take place on 29 June in Istanbul. The actor made an offer the second half of his birthday, having presented the girl luxurious ring that cost more than 90 thousand Turkish liras.

Note also that Victoria Bonia is a big fan of the series “Magnificent century”. Last year the media personality spent the weekend in Sunny Saint-Tropez, where he met the actress Meriem Uzerli.