Дочь Кети Топурия устраивает ей скандалы Little Olivia needs attention mom. Keti Topuria did not take the baby to a fashion show, then the girl was very upset. The singer admitted that she often gets nervous when the heiress arrives with her at the event.

Almost three years ago, the soloist of group A’studio Katie Topuria first became a mother. She gave birth to a lovely daughter Olivia. In addition to singing career, the artist seriously engaged in clothes release under own brand, but because the celebrity has instilled in their daughter a love for fashion since childhood.

Keti Topuria teaches six-week daughter to the heels

Katie Topuria recently presented another collection for fashion Week. Before she tried not to be separated from the child and took her with him to even the most responsible of the event, but this time do it differently.

“You have no idea how today was the scandal when I told her that I would go to the show and for the first time will not take her with me! Generally, when it is present at events, on the one hand, I feel good, but I’m really nervous because I want to pay attention to her and other people, and it usually does not work!” – admitted the actress.

Kathy did not hide the fact that pampers Olivia beautiful costumes and forms the daughter’s sophisticated taste. Despite the fact that the little girl not yet three years old, she even might have something to commend to the mother.

“In the matter of clothes I always give her will, she herself goes to the closet and says, “I Will never wear this!” Moreover, I sometimes have to consult, what to wear to me. I said to her: “I have these shoes to wear or the other?” And it shows exactly the shoes that you like me!” – told Katie.

Topuria admitted that her friends literally showered daughter with gifts. Despite the fact that now the baby is growing rapidly, many do not spare money and give her luxurious things.

“Olivia is much more closet than me! I don’t know where to put things, to be honest. She was presented with many expensive, name brand items. I buy only the most necessary clothing – for example, the kind of things that are not particularly beautiful,” said the singer.

Last year it became known that Katie Topuria broke up with her husband Lev Gehenom. Despite the fact that the couple are no longer together, the man takes an active part in the life of the daughter. The artist became close friends with the rapper Body – they spend a lot of time with each other, and fans suspect that they have a whirlwind romance. The musician, by the way, not arrived in Moscow to support Katie on the show. Topuria admitted in a conversation with a “Source” that he is in Israel.