Эммануил Виторган организовал торжественный прием для вдовы Алексея Петренко The actor has supported a long time ago. Yesterday was the birthday of Aleksei Petrenko. He would have turned 80 years old. However, the artist died in February 2017. Vitorgan organized an evening in memory of our friend.
Эммануил Виторган организовал торжественный прием для вдовы Алексея Петренко

Emmanuel Vitorgan and his wife Irina are very friendly with the widow of Alexei Petrenko with Azimi Abdumuminov. They support her because a woman hit a lot of negativity after the death of a spouse. On the eve of the club Vitorgan was organized the evening in honor of the birthday of the deceased Petrenko. At the gala dinner was attended by all those who knew the artist.

Azim came together with her daughter Melania. Some time ago the family was again trapped in a bad situation. In one of the TV appeared a man who considered himself the father of the child. Melania relationship with the famous actor also raises a number of doubts. The eldest daughter of actor Pauline believes that Melania really had her father. If genetic analysis determines that the father of Melania really is Ulukbek Suleymanov, law enforcement officers initiated a criminal case for fraud Abdumuminov.

“His acting skill is a unique phenomenal experience of a professional and a decent person! – said Dov Petrenko on the page on the social Network.

According to tradition, Vitorgan always welcomes guests at its center. They gave a festive dinner in the company of other comrades.

“Gathered close friends Alexei Petrenko in the house-the cultural center of VETERANOV in honor of the 80th anniversary of the great genius of the man. I bow to everyone who were with us!” says in the caption to the snapshots.
Эммануил Виторган организовал торжественный прием для вдовы Алексея Петренко

Vitorgan respect Azeem and try to always be on her side. Scandals with older children Petrenko and Ulugbeka has severely affected its condition.

Real father Melania – Alexey Vasilyevich, that he was doing paperwork. When I found out the story with this driver, tried to get in touch with him. He says, “You must renounce the deed, then you definitely will be left behind”. Then suddenly appeared two of the crew, they came down to the house where we live, and then began to say that I killed Alexey Vasilyevich, stole daughter and evade criminal liability. I had stress, we almost lost the Melania” – said Abdumuminov a show.