Дочь Ирины Хакамады устроила жаркие каникулы с бойфрендом Maria Sirotinskiy flew to the chosen one Vlad by Sitdikov in Spain. Couple has told about the joyous event many fans. Some fans suspected that they recently got married.
Дочь Ирины Хакамады устроила жаркие каникулы с бойфрендом

Maria Sirotino and Vlad Sitdikov came out of a relationship about a year ago. Lovers admitted that they were serious. The young man reported that his daughter Irina Hakamada captivated him at first sight.

“It’s so fun and I love the way she laughs out loud,” – said the girl Vlad. Maria also spoke about the chosen one. Young people have already managed to introduce each other to parents who approved their choice.

“My parents happy because I found someone wanted to find” – said Sitdikov. The guy is actively communicating with the fans in the Network, telling them the recent events of his personal life. A few days ago a couple flew off to rest, Maria and Vlad chose Spain.

“Here we are at sea!” – said Vlad.
Дочь Ирины Хакамады устроила жаркие каникулы с бойфрендом

Young people said that their vacation will be held in Costa Daurada, located in North-Eastern Spain. Weather pleases the lovers and fans do not get tired to admire the couple.

It should be noted that this is not the first romantic trip of Mary and Vlad. Last year they also had a rest on the beach. Apparently, Maria’s mother approves of daughter’s choice and trust Vlad.

Despite the fact that Maria and Vlad are configured to serious relationships until about the upcoming wedding of the lovers is unknown. Both have interests and Hobbies, they often become guests in the air of the Central channels, and even tried his hand in modeling.

“The plans I have to make a good family to marry his beloved and be with him always together and have their children. I want to open my firm, I will also earn money to provide for his family and even husband,” Maria said on a talk show.

Irina Khakamada frankly priznavali that the birth of his daughter and the first years of her life were extremely difficult for the family. The politician knew that she will have a child with down syndrome. Irina with the husband studied the necessary literature, was prepared for the difficulties, in 1997, they had Maria. The first time Hakamada was hiding a daughter from prying eyes, but over time, Akdeniz increasingly began to appear together with the famous mom in the audience. The politician reported that in Raneem age Masha beat cancer. According to her, she admires her daughter, because the girl always in good spirits and every day, confesses his love for her, the girl recently turned 21. “Special” daughter Irina Khakamada: “My mother made a feat”