Народный артист обозвал Аллу Пугачеву «раковой опухолью» Valery Baryatinsky long holds a grudge for Alla Pugacheva, accusing it of commercialism and arrogance. According to the artist, he was invited by the prima Donna on their anniversary, but the star could not give him any answer, and later refused to do.
Народный артист обозвал Аллу Пугачеву «раковой опухолью»

Valery Baryatinsky remembered by the audience, as a performer of dramatic roles. Dorian gray is in the eponymous television show, the ensign in “the Shot”, sailor in “the Way to the pier” — literally, his filmography is full of bright roles.

Over the years of creative activity of people’s artist managed to make friends with many colleagues. Some of them he was invited for the anniversary, which took place on 15 July last year. Guest of the celebration was to become Alla Pugacheva, but the artist till the last could not easily respond to his invitation.

“I called her, she told me fooling, and then said that he can’t come. Left an unpleasant aftertaste. But I have to it is not only human, but also the creative account there. In vain she had boasted of their wealth. Spirituality, morality in Soviet culture was not an empty word. And Alla Borisovna at the forefront stood the antics, grimaces. She is a very gifted man, but carried the weight of vulgarity,” — said Baryatinsky.
Народный артист обозвал Аллу Пугачеву «раковой опухолью»

According to the artist, he has been with the band in tension. Valery K. does not deny the talents of the prima Donna, but still believes that even the unique musical talent cannot be an excuse for rudeness.

The actor remembered how ugly, in his opinion, did Alla with Edita. In this act he saw the true attitude to others.

“One day, Edith wanted to come to the concert to Pugacheva, and she rejected her invitation. But Peha bought the ticket, took the bouquet of flowers, and of him came on the scene. It Pugacheva said, “Thank you, you are our eternal!” Well, what is it? Edith, of course, said nothing and politely left. In General, I believe that Pugachev — cancer and tumor metastasis our culture”, — said the actor.

Of course, the harsh statements Baratynskogo angered many fans of Alla. Fans believe that the diva has long proved his genius and deservedly takes a place in the musical Olympus. Besides, in opinion of the admirers of the, Pugachev is not required to attend the anniversaries of all colleagues and acquaintances.

Alla Borisovna has not responded to another criticism. In a recent interview with Oleg Menshikov is the star admitted that for a long time does not pay attention to negative comments. “Our work is linked to the fact that you are discussing. I have long been accustomed to. I write that I’m an old grandmother. But would I deny it? I have to imagine are true and know all their weaknesses. So all this criticism doesn’t touch me,” — said Pugacheva.

In an interview for the portal EG.ru Valery Baryatinsky noted that he did not consider the song Pugacheva to the great musical heritage of the country. Much more admire the works of Shostakovich and Schnittke.