Невестка выгоняет Краско и его молодую жену из дома

Elderly actor Ivan Krasko and his young wife Natalia Shevel has nowhere to lay his head. 86-year-old actor of theatre and cinema came to the shooting of the TV program Boris Korchevnikov “live” and complained of distress.

As reported by the people’s artist of 2015 they with his young wife live with his ex-daughter-in-law Margaret Zvonareva and her son Kirill. Ex-wife of his now deceased son Andrew didn’t think her father will move to it permanently and it is natural that after some time two Housewives in one kitchen do not get along.
Now Margaret survives them out of the house and to go to them and nowhere to go. Daughter-in-law were so hardened, what drives them away. According to Shevel, the landlady won’t even let her wash stuff in the bathroom, literally has hands.
“Income to buy a house, we have. Ivan – cha-cha” — said Natalia, and reminded them that went beyond Krasko married not by calculation, but by love.
When the Studio came the biological mother of actress Marina Zhuravleva, who had abandoned his child by strangers, Ivan and all left the Studio. He didn’t like the answer women the question of the presenter, whether it be brother-in-law.
Marina did not know how to answer. Likely, Zhuravlev is unable to arrange that the son-in-law is much older than her, and age difference with her daughter and does is 60 years. Marina hesitated.
“I will say this… the fact that it is Natasha… the heart, as they say… But… I am opposed to, against” and said she, like Ivan, he stepped from the scene, left the Studio. No matter how trying the young wife, Krasko was adamant.
“Well, someone to rely on, Bob?! On this woman? I am outraged by this provocation! I’m out of here” boomed the actor a leading.
Recall that the relationship of Ivan and Natalia caused a lot of rumors, most of which boiled down to a marriage of convenience. Supposedly a young little-known actress specially had an affair with the elderly artist to make themselves a great name and covet the property, which, as you can see, is not in sight.