Fitness blogger died from the explosion of the siphon

Фитнесс блогер погибла от взрыва сифона

Rebekah Burger, famous French fitness blogger died of shock during the explosion of the siphon for whipping cream. The accident happened at home with her, as reported by the parents of the deceased on their page in the social network.

As it became known, during the explosion a fragment of the apparatus severely hit Rebecca in the chest and caused cardiac arrest. Then the girl was able to revive, but a few hours later at the hospital she died.
Native Burger mourn her and warn subscribers daughter about the dangers of using this device. It is reported that the manufacturer has already stopped the sale of culinary siphons and exempts them from chain stores. The principle of technical innovations, deprived life of a young girl, reduced to the injection of nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide in a metal container, creating high pressure.
Rebecca was a well-known blogger telling about fitness and travel. She had more than 55 million followers on the social network Facebook. and 154 — in on Instagram.
By the way, the organization for the protection of consumer rights has repeatedly warned the public about the dangers of these siphons – buyers complained of broken teeth, bumps, loss of an eye and even multiple fractures. In 2013, one of the victims said that the explosion of the siphon’ve had six ribs and the sternum.
“Doctors at the hospital told me that if the blow fell on the chest, I would have died” — told the victim. And in 2014 a warning about the dangers of products produced even the French authorities, calling for the return of the siphons would-be developers, but, according to newspaper Le Parisien, returned them only 25 thousand citizens, and siphons it was sold over 160 thousand.