Daughter Elvis Presley has learned a terrible secret about her husband

Дочка Элвиса Пресли узнала страшную тайну о своем муже
Lisa Marie had to give up their children in the care of the state.

Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood


Fans Of Lisa
Marie Presley in shock. The only daughter of Elvis Presley gave his 8-year-old
daughters-twins in the care of the state guardianship. And, with her
that was not an act of extreme selfishness, but a necessary step. The fact is,
she fears for the safety of my girls and is afraid that will not be able
to provide them with adequate protection. This was reported by the website etonline.com.

As pointed out
Lisa Marie in his statement to the court, such actions made it a nightmare
discovery. He found in the computer of her husband, Michael Lockwood, with whom she has a
currently bred, a large number of indecent photographs
sexual content depicting children – including her own. “I survived
moment of extreme terror, and then I almost threw up…” — commented
Presley his discovery. “I saw not all materials. I just don’t have enough
courage to know what is contained in other files. I’m even afraid to think about it…” said Lisa Marie. The computer that contains these materials, it passed

Now my daughter Presley
and Michael Lockwood, Harper and Finley will remain in the custody of the guardianship until March 14, when
there will be a meeting of the court in the case of divorce proceedings the spouses. Divorce
Presley and Lockwood were scandalous enough even before the recent events. The thing
that Michael, despite the presence of wedding contract, demanded from Lisa Marie solid spousal alimony – 40 thousand
dollars a month. Yes, wanted to pay court costs
divorce. While Presley claimed to
Lockwood managed for the first 9 years of their marriage to spend nearly all her huge
condition – 300 million left by her father. So now she have nothing
to pay for housing, and she was forced to move to the home of his eldest daughter from
first marriage, 28-year-old Riley Keogh.