Tatyana Bulanova about the mistress of her husband: “I feel sorry for that person”

Татьяна Буланова о любовнице мужа: «Мне жалко этого человека» The singer said that passion Radimov was not the cause of their breakup. Tatiana bulanava commented on the scandal that broke after the friend of Vladislav Radimov made in the television broadcast. The artist admitted that he experienced mixed feelings watching that show.

      Татьяна Буланова о любовнице мужа: «Мне жалко этого человека»

      Famous singer Tatyana Bulanova became the heroine of the program “Tonight” with Andrey Malakhov, where, in particular, we are talking about the breakup of the singer with her husband, football player Vladislav Radimov. Divorce, initiated by the artist are held in December.

      Tatiana Bulanova was first voiced their attitude to the scandal, which the whole country gave former mistress Radimov, the coach of Irina Yakovleva. A woman in December has decided to come out of the shadows and give an interview to one of TV channels. She openly talked about the relationship with the then married Radimov. Tatiana Bulanova, as it turned out, the broadcast I watched, too. She admitted that she is sincerely sorry for Yakovlev. Mistress ex-wife Tatyana Bulanova told about their relationship

      Татьяна Буланова о любовнице мужа: «Мне жалко этого человека»“To me it was fun to watch – said Tatiana Bulanova. – I know very well Vlad, so I knew somewhere she was telling the truth, and then lied. Divorce, in any case, we had not for her. It this performance snubbed. I feel sorry for this man. She herself came up with the story. Girls don’t need to get involved with a married! Wait until you’re done.”

      As it turned out, Irina Yakovlev gave an interview to the First channel, and entertainment Tonight showed footage of the woman once again told me how seven years ago he met with Vladislav Radimov in one of the cafes of Saint-Petersburg, then talked warmly about his mom and daughter from his first marriage. And even showed the keys to the apartment of the parents Radiowych that supposedly they gave her.

      During this story, the camera repeatedly showed viewers a closeup of the face of Tatyana Bulanova. Apparently, the singer, indeed, already does not feel any emotions about the mistress of her former husband. And even finds the strength with humor to respond to the situation and not to accept what is happening to heart.

      But to talk about the details of the divorce with Vladislav Radimov Tatyana Bulanov was not, he quipped that this event deserves a separate program. Besides, the singer does not exclude the possibility that their disorder with Radimov may well be a temporary phenomenon.

      “Maybe it’ll come back. I do not know. Maybe we will have a wedding,” said Tatiana Bulanova.