Дочь Елены Воробей вновь начала ходить после операции на позвоночнике A representative for the actress spoke about the status of Sofia. She recently had surgery on my spine. Surgical intervention made in a German clinic. Elena Sparrow was canceled in may, all performances and is located next to the heiress.
Дочь Елены Воробей вновь начала ходить после операции на позвоночнике

In early may, a famous actress Elena Vorobey went along with her daughter Sophia in Germany. There, in one of the specialized clinics the girl had to have surgery. Star comic genre appealed to foreign experts, as her heir complained of pain and could not sleep. It turned out that Sony is serious scoliosis. However, despite this, the baby Sparrow was not given exemption from school physical education lessons.

In a foreign clinic Sonya had surgery: she put 20 screws, two spindles in the back. “StarHit” contacted the PR Director Elena, Oksana, to learn about the health of the daughter of the artist and their future plans.

“Sonia began to walk slowly, in 10 days they will return to Russia. Here is the daughter of Helen will undergo rehabilitation. The important thing is that the problem is resolved. Sonia feels normal,” – said Oksana Romanenko.

According to a representative of Sparrow, Elena had planned the schedule of performances so that all may be together with the child, to help her recover. Also the star recommends that parents of other children not run, even if the doctors do not see anything wrong in the pictures of the spine. Elena showed how deformed the bones of her daughter for scoliosis.

“We just want to such cases as much as possible, to the doctors correctly diagnosed, the parents were careful that children didn’t think it goes away in silence, until the moment when the pain becomes unbearable. And touring is part of my profession that allows me to feed my family, to provide the life my children and family. Yes, we now have a difficult period in my life, but I’m there for my child, we are serious, professional doctors, and I’ll be there with my daughter as much time as you need. Every day we tell each other are important and necessary words of encouragement and words of love!” – opinions Sparrow in the caption to the picture.

Recall that Sonja was the only daughter of umoristi. The girl was born in 2003. Elena had an affair with a married businessman Igor Konstantinovich. It is recorded in the column “father”.