У Эдиты Пьехи резко подскочил сахар в крови There is a possibility that the legendary singer will again have to go to the hospital. Edita is now forced to use the glucometer and meds.
У Эдиты Пьехи резко подскочил сахар в крови

People’s artist of the USSR Edita Piekha in early spring, were hospitalized after a long cold. Then the whole country followed the health of the singer, but nothing happened. Although Edite stanislavovne still had to cancel two scheduled concerts – in Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg.

Today it became known some days ago I Piekha found an increased level of blood sugar.

“I never thought that I have high sugar, and then under the old age learned that! My brother, who lives in Poland, told me that my mother had high blood sugar, and he… But we can live with it, just need a special diet,” admitted Collins, “StarHit”.

Now Edita started to use the meter, but also to take pills that she was prescribed the doctors.

“Now I’m preparing for his traditional concert in St. Petersburg on 31 July, his birthday, continues Collins. – God forbid that I’m ready for him emotionally. Mood? And the mood is normal, creative.”

“Yes, and happy spring,” smiles the singer.

Verify that, despite its venerable age (in the summer of 2018 piece turns 81 years) and periodic ailments, the artist regularly gives concerts and has toured throughout Russia.

“Thank God, speech is, – admitted “StarHit” the star of Soviet-Russian platform. Although for corporate events I’m too old. Because there are usually young people who can undress, and I’m old and usually sing for those who listen to my songs.”

Edita: “For corporate events I’m already old!”