Bella Hadid in Harper’s Bazaar about the criticism serious face

Белла Хадид в Harper’s Bazaar о критике серьезного лица

New summer issue of American Harper’s Bazaar was decorated with model Bella Hadid, which only resumed relations with The Weeknd. At the request of the journalists, an interview of the girl took her sister Gigi and asked about the attitude of the parties, favorite leisure activities, insults in social networks and not only.

Белла Хадид в Harper’s Bazaar о критике серьезного лица

“Everyone thinks I’m a party girl, but a way of life in the past. Can’t wait for the weekend, just to sit on the couch! Now when you have reached certain heights in his career, I want to spend my free time not at parties, and among people who love us. On Saturday evening the last thing I want to leave the house. We’re resting playing video games, watching movies and painting pottery — it’s all done and in my childhood,” admitted sister, 21-year-old model.

The star spoke about social networks and Waterski messages to the user. “I fought with myself and people in the network. When I read comments in which I was called evil, would answer: “Maybe I just had a bad day or I was crying.” People judge our lives by the pictures of the paparazzi. You know how it is awkward when you leave your house, and on the threshold you are greeted with forty people with cameras?!”

Белла Хадид в Harper’s Bazaar о критике серьезного лица

Social networks are also good at judging facial expression of the model, because almost all the photographs she looks angry. “Not a day go without a smile. And people say that I have always and everywhere the same expression. They do not understand that for a long time photographers have taught me on the team to represent the boredom and indifference. However, all this does not mean that I am actually”.

Despite reports of the haters, Bella is feeling great, after all once again reunited with singer the Weeknd. The model recently visited the fashion show Fashion For Relief in Cannes, where it came to her boyfriend. Bella took part in the show and walked the catwalk, showing new outfits of the season. At this time, her boyfriend was sitting in the hall and enjoyed the beauty figure. The actor took a seat in the front row to get a better look at the girl again returned to him after a breakup.

21-year-old model and 28-year-old singer previously caught kissing at a party in Cannes. As they say insiders, the stars party did not depart from each other. They retired to the VIP area, nice talking and kissing. Once Bella left her chosen to dance with their friends.