Daughter Anna Sedokova wounded by the words of the envious

Дочь Анны Седоковой ранили слова завистников The girl expressed her opinion on the negative comments. The successor of the popular singer rebelled against social network users. Alina was published in the microblog post, which urged people to stop hating and insulting each other.

Anna Sedokova has repeatedly told fans that talk with their children, as friends. Perhaps that is why 12-year-old Alina has recently also started its own page in Instagram. She publishes photos and videos, which captured the bright moments of her life. In the post the daughter of the artist talks about his Hobbies and shares his thoughts on various topics. Recently in the account of a beginner blogger has a video where she demonstrated dance achievements. The girl with the help of the teacher set the creative room for the song of a foreign artist.

However, not all subscribers are young talents like the clip of Alina. Many of them decided not to hide negative emotions. Users of the social network commented on the publication of long-haired beauties, pointing out that her choreography has not yet reached the professional level. In addition, the hate and unflattering comments about the looks of the girl. However, after a while all the nasty comments from your account blogers disappeared. Perhaps the detractors became ashamed and they were quick to erase unflattering reviews.

Belkevich decided not to ignore such statements and to repel the ill-wishers. A teenager has published in the microblog entry in which he expressed his own concerns about the resulting negative. The girl is quite reasonable estimated deed of haters, despite their young age.

“Hi, my name is Alina Belkevich, and I am 12 years old. I just wanted to say that the splattering of hate will not make you feel better. Whenever you write awful words to someone else, you make that person feel worse and want to delete your account in Instagram. So just remember that if you do not like something in the recording or don’t like what person does, you can just cancel the subscription on his profile and never see those posts. Don’t hate!” wrote a budding dancer.

Fans Alina was delighted, after reading so wise and sincere post. They expressed their surprise that the little man can be so adult and serious thoughts. Anna Sedokova is also not left without attention the entry of the successor. Young mother supported her in his account. The actress stressed that everyone shares the fact that he has in abundance.

“I am very proud of my daughter Alina. Yesterday she wrote this post. It is strange to hear her question why her reviews adults women write, that she is not dancing or scary. I think people sometimes don’t understand how it hurts,” said the singer.