48-year-old Evelina Bledans was convicted of depraved footage

48-летнюю Эвелину Бледанс осудили за развратные кадры The actress has shared some shots in too short shorts. Evelina Bledans has published in the microblog of candid shots of yoga. They star demonstrated a perfect athletic skills and perfect figure, but also gave occasion to the followers to leave negative comments.
48-летнюю Эвелину Бледанс осудили за развратные кадры

Popular TV presenter Evelina Bledans having fun in Thailand. In the company of the son of a celebrity went to a hot country, where does not forget to please fans of interesting publications. Recently, a woman posted a series of photographs with the heir during a workout. The footage the family has a number of difficult asanas under the guidance of a mentor. “Little warm-up” – succinctly signed the publication beautiful.

The followers of the star admired the amazing abilities of pet. They found it surprising that Evelina has such a flexible and fit body. Some of the fans even decided to follow the example of the idol.

However, apart from faithful fans, the number of subscribers Bledans were those who condemned the excessive frankness of the actress. Users of the social network decided that the pose of the woman too intimate, and such photos have no place on the Internet. In addition, equipment brunettes seemed to them too spicy.

“Plastic is great! But, in my opinion, too fruity. Had to be at least long pants to wear, and best sports costume. Indecently, at least,” “I Love you very much, but shorts are really too short”, “Delete the photos!”, “Well, what are you, Evelyn? What is this show? Better tell us how you stay in Thailand?” – I wrote to the followers of the presenter.

However, such publication in the account of the actress are not uncommon. Beauty does not hide that with great love to your body and boasts a stunning shape. She has never failed to excite subscribers bold pictures in bikini, mini skirts or skimpy outfits. Fans of the stars recognize that they literally were lucky enough to choose idols in such a bold and uninhibited woman. 48-year-old Evelina Bledans was struck by the chiseled figure in a bikini

Note that you can worry about the appearance of the presenter isn’t really worth it. Evelina carefully follow the figure and person of what does not forget to tell your followers. So, in the celebrity profile you can find pictures and videos from the gym and beauty salons. Also, the redhead is trying to watch his diet, eating only healthy foods.