Maxim Galkin no longer sell alcohol

Максиму Галкину больше не продают алкоголь The TV presenter took to be minor. Maxim Galkin told subscribers microblog about a scandalous situation. Showman was considered too young to purchase goods marked “18+” and refused to purchase alcohol.

Maxim Galkin is an active user of the social network “Instagram”. In the account of the actor often shares with fans of interesting thoughts and stories from life. Fans rarely remain indifferent to the positions of the pet. Loyal admirers of his work are always ready to support idol and laugh together with him. Recently, a well-known comedian has posted a new selfie. In the caption, he told followers that looked younger beyond recognition. In addition, the showman said that now they are denied the purchase of alcohol.

“Only one day drank water from the sources. Looks overdone – don’t sell alcohol. I’m afraid another day and will not be allowed on the plane without an escort!” – joked over the incident Maxim.

Fans celebrities have decided that Galkin really began to look much younger than his years. They suggested that all the matter in the recent weight loss and active lifestyle. Some subscribers pointed to the Shine in the eyes of the idol, and said the cause of transformation is love.

“Max, you’re so cool and funny! Very prettier! Keep it up!”, “Which sources do it? Please share your secret! All so want!” “Well Done, Max! Let all jealous now! Aging will always have time!”, “Oh, not again if Cupid pierced your heart? Painfully eyes Shine!”, “Handsome! Not a good look on you. And it’s not in the water! This diet has given the result. 100%”, “May you have your “portrait of Dorian gray”?” – shared emotions and guesses the followers of the star.

The location of the magic water TV host decided not to open. However, the recipes appeal can always be found in microblog celebrities. Galkin regularly places the shots where he is shown happy and carefree, and willing to share short funny stories. Apparently, the secret of his youth in this: joy, cheerfulness and of course, jokes.

By the way, he likes to sneer, not only over others, but over oneself. On the eve of the Instagram artist has been, where man is depicted in an unusual for their fans. Fans immediately noticed the change in hairstyle pet: instead of straight shining hair celebrity curly hair was disheveled. He Galkin noted that this hairdo appears it everytime after taking a shower. Subscribers were delighted by the unexpected selfie idol and said that parodist are any hairstyles.