Darya Dontsova decided on a candid conversation about cancer

Дарья Донцова решилась на откровенную беседу о раке The writer shared his experience in a live TV show. Darya Dontsova has told that has managed to overcome a terrible disease. The Studio program also, there are women, many are obliged celebrity. She helped them cope with serious problems.
Дарья Донцова решилась на откровенную беседу о раке

Writer Darya Dontsova, which this summer celebrated its 65th anniversary, became the heroine of the program “live”. Woman shared with the audience the experience of dealing with cancer. At the time she was eighteen of chemotherapy and four surgeries. “It’s not scary, just frustrating. Any girl who had morning sickness, I understand,” said Dontsov.

In recognition of Daria, while she thought of the future spouse-centered academic career. “Young, handsome husband, sure someone will pick up,” explained the woman. The star was disturbed by how her partner will live on. The result Dontsova picked the perfect candidate for the role of the wife for its second half.

“Of course, I thought I was going to die. Moreover, when I was told that I needed to live for a few months, then I went to the nearest friend, she works as a surgeon and not married. I don’t understand why, because she’s the perfect hostess, a wonderful man. But that did not happen her personal life. Her son is a close friend of my daughter Masha. She has two dogs, she’s a good cook, and she has a very interesting appearance, and it’s a wonderful wife to my husband,” – said Daria.
Дарья Донцова решилась на откровенную беседу о раке

Dontsova remembered how she told her friend the sad news. “I said, “Oksana, I here such situation, you have to marry Alexander Ivanovich.” She said, “Okay. Just sit down and relax,” shared writer. Friend Daria also recommended her doctor and was advised to undergo a full examination in the city hospital.

Дарья Донцова решилась на откровенную беседу о раке“We had no money. I was a tutor of the German language, then I wasn’t a writer. The husband was a doctor of Sciences. Three children, two mothers, pensioners, the payment of cooperative apartments. Where we have had some huge money?.. I arrived at the hospital, young doctor (now he runs the office there) looked at me and said, “Yes, the situation is difficult. But we will get through this,” said the woman.

According to Daria, the main thing – not to lower hands in the fight against the disease. At the beginning of the treatment, she almost gave up when I saw myself in the mirror. Dontsov was shocked by its appearance. “I fell down. But then he stood up and thought, “Well, I’m alive,” said she.

The doctors told the patient that it will greatly add weight and dramatically old. In addition, they frightened Daria cardiac problems. A woman says she has gained five pounds, but eventually became engaged in the gym and control your diet.

When Dontsova learned about his terrible diagnosis, her daughter was only eleven years old. Then Mary still did not understand what was happening.

“She once cried. Then there was another old building, and the morgue was near the entrance. She walked to me and saw the girl crying near the grave. She ran up to me in the house with round eyes and said, “You know, here girls dead mom.” I said to her, “You know, but I will never die”. She believed me and I had no right to die,” said Daria.
Дарья Донцова решилась на откровенную беседу о раке

In the program Doncova also reported that her experience helps many others suffering from cancer. They find a celebrity thanks to social networks and ask her questions. “I work from a home-grown psychologist”, – says Daria, who believes it is important to maintain communication with those who are struggling with serious illness.

Дарья Донцова решилась на откровенную беседу о раке“Unfortunately, very little good ecopsychologist. After the surgery, the woman remains alone. She goes to the clinic, there is not a very good attitude to patients,” says the woman.

In the Studio appeared singer Lama Safonova, to communicate with Darya Dontsova in Instagram. “She is a very brave man who never allow myself to lose heart,” said the writer, rastrowa the performer.

Дарья Донцова решилась на откровенную беседу о раке“I believe that it is not necessary to put the question: “Why”. You need to understand why it happened. It happened to me, I saw how many good hearts and love. Because in many difficult situations I was alone. And now, when I had this problem, I saw that a number of people – good and open. They don’t let me go and hold in this world”, – said Safonov.
Дарья Донцова решилась на откровенную беседу о раке

Among other guests of the program were Inna Protsenko, corresponded with the main character transmission on the Internet. Dontsova has helped a strange woman to take a step towards overcoming the disease, which, in addition to celebrities, knew only her husband. “I pushed her to the operation, literally a knee in her ass. Here it is, alive and well,” said Daria.

According Protsenko, she began to experience health problems after long-awaited replenishment in the family. The star could find the words to reassure her.

Дарья Донцова решилась на откровенную беседу о раке“For 14 years my husband and had no children. We did IVF. Given birth to a child, there was a small problem with the weight of the child, but then everything returned to normal. Then I worried the chest, and was scared. Went and did the tests… She (Daria Dontsova – Ed.) said to me: “God gives You a gift. This is not a test. You have to understand why you need it. Maybe you are paying too much time son. Think about yourself, look how beautiful life” – said Protsenko.

To see Darya Dontsova came and Marina Klochkova. Once a writer has helped her to cope with depression after the death of a spouse. The woman sent the star a message stating that her husband died on the ring road. Dontsova could not remain indifferent to the sad event.